Tuesday 121204

For time:
25 GHD sit-ups
1 Muscle-up
20 GHD sit-ups
2 Muscle-ups
15 GHD sit-ups
3 Muscle-ups
10 GHD sit-ups
4 Muscle-ups
5 GHD sit-ups
5 Muscle-ups

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Post time to BTWB

Emmalee and bar MU’s, match made in heaven.

Lately I’ve been having difficulty sleeping so I’ve been doing some research on different supplements and ways to sleep better.  I’ve taken melatonin in the past and while doing my research I came across and interesting blog that has some warnings about melatonin.  I’ve included the link to the full post below, but here is the biggest takeaway I took.

Melatonin is a hormone similar to estrogen or testosterone and just like taking any other hormone, there are risks.  Using melatonin regularly to get to sleep can lead to your body producing less or it and therefore result in you needing to take more of it.

From Mark’s Daily Apple:

Why Melatonin Is a Dangerous Supplement

The blog also has some great tips for traveling and ways to combat jet lag.  Here are a few:

  • Once you’ve landed and settled into your lodgings, get a workout in.  Instead of taking a nap, get your heart rate going.
  • Eat a small protein rich meal that has some fiber in it.  Keep it light so your body isn’t stressed additionally.
  • Reset your watch and convince yourself you’re on that time.
  • Drink water, at least a quart the first day.
Let me know your thoughts.  Do you have any suggestions for a better nights sleep?  What about traveling?  Any good tips?  Since it’s the holidays and people will be traveling I’m sure they will thank you for any suggestions you may have.


  1. Scotty :

    I’ve been someone who has battled sleep issues for about 15 years now. Honestly things have improved for me after Matt’s suggestion of adding the supplement ZMA to my routine 30-60 minutes prior to bed. Its available at the health food store and it states nothing on the bottle about its sleep properties. It simply states it helps with post workout recovery ( which we all need as well), but honestly, as usual Matt was dead on with his advice and it has been easier to fall asleep since I added it to my dailey routine . Hope that helps

  2. Michelle :

    Valerian root (usually as tea) is a popular herbal supplement that may help with sleeplessness and anxiety.

    • Matt :

      Thanks Scotty. ZMA is certainly a terrific supplement for those having difficulties sleeping… as is decreasing caffein consumption throughout the day. Try switching to decaf after 20oz of caffein.

      I’ve added valerian root too when times get tough and my head is spinning with thoughts, keeping me awake.

  3. Fiorella :

    Many paleo/primal advocates talk about the importance of complete and utter darkness in the room where you sleep. This is due to the porphyrin proteins that make up red blood cells and their response to light, blocking melatonin production and preventing sleep. Even the smallest light from an LED clock can trigger them. The takeaway? Blackout! And while this may not help you fall asleep, it will help you stay asleep and stay in a deeper sleep at that!

  4. Are you exhibiting any other symptoms of adrenal fatigue?

  5. MrLeet :

    I also battle sleep issues and appreciate the posting. I fall asleep instantly but don’t stay asleep getting up around 2 am every night. I actually sleep the best between 4 and wake up time, which unfortunately is usually affected by many external factors; my neighbors truck one of them. I have always just dealt with it but lately it has gotten worse to the point that I HAVE to make changes as my workouts, and my life in general is suffering.

    In my research I have found the not-to-dos that I am doing;
    – I drink 2-3 cups (8 oz each) each day with the last cup around 3pm
    – I workout late and, therefore, eat later – I am digesting food and not actually ‘deep’ sleeping
    – I do NOT wind down and if I do it is with the TV.


  6. Julie H. :

    I have always been a very good sleeper, unless something very stressful has happened. However, I have loads of friends that can’t sleep properly. I have read that turning off the TV and closing the laptop/getting off the computer a couple hours before sleep can help as the occular nerves get too stimulated, probably the same concept that Cassie mentions above…just a thought. Plus, it can’t hurt to turn stuff off and relax and “quiet the mind” before sleeping. Wishin.g everyone good luck and good sleep!

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