Tuesday 130205

Tabata Mash Up:
Squat Cleans 95#(65#)
Alternate between the two exercises

Score is total reps

Post reps to BTWB.

Eric W. looking strong overhead.


One thing I really need to get better about is taking rest days.  In fact last week was the first time in a few months that I actually did nothing for two straight days.   I made it a priority to take two days off completely.  I made sure not to touch a weight which is extremely difficult when you are in the gym for 8 hours a day and see everyone working out.  I’m making it a point to schedule my rest days in advance.  This way I’ll have the recovery scheduled regardless of whether or not I feel like I need to take a day off.  I’m going to use the traditional 3 on 1 off especially with the Open starting up in the next month.

With regard to recovery I am really good about taking a post workout recovery drink that has a high concentration of branch chain amino acids.  BCAA’s have been proven to minimize soreness.

You also need to make sure and clear cortisol while still supporting the testosterone response.  To help clear cortisol avoid caffeine after a workout and try taking Vitamin C.  A recent study tested how cortisol and testosterone levels correlated to recovery in athletes after an intense muscle damaging workout.  48 hours after the workout cortisol levels had been cleared while free testosterone was lower than before the workout.  To support free testosterone be sure to get enough of the following basic nutrients; vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc.  All help to support free testosterone.

Taking care of yourself after an intense workout and scheduling rest days or active recovery days are all important with regard to making sure your training days are as successful as they can be.

The information in this blog is referenced from Charles Poliquin’s blog.  Be sure to check it out here.

Reminder that there will be a Nutrition Coaching Program  meeting on Wednesday at 7pm.  The meeting is free for all participants in the Nutrition Kick Off.  All are encouraged to attend to get new recipes support and to learn about the effects of sugar.



  1. Dan M :

    If anyone needs a partner for the valentines day competition let me know I’m signed up solo.

  2. RYAN F. :

    i got you dan! haha

  3. Emily :

    Yesterday was my one year Vervaversery…….this time last year I couldn’t even run around the block without resting two to three times! Just this past Sunday I ran 4.5 miles without any rest. Thank you Verve for not only teaching me the right way to do things, but for helping me to realize that I am capable of much more than I ever thought possible. I am 35 and I can’t even imagine where I may be five years from now, perhaps super hero…at least ninja. Keep it up Cross fitters you are all doing great!

    • Ali :

      That is so cool Emily!! Happy 1 year and to many more!!

    • Danni B. :

      That is awesome, Emily!! You are showing so many improvements all around, I am so proud of you!! Happy anniversary, it’s only getting better from here 🙂

      • CrossFit Verve :

        Happy anniversary Emily! We love having your smile and attitude as part of our Verve family and can’t wait to see what this next year holds for you!

  4. Darika :

    Happy 1 year, Emily! Keep killin’ it and we’ll be ninjas together!

  5. Jim D. :

    I wish Crossfit had been around when I was 35. Kind of like the idea of being a Ninja. Keep up the great work Emily.

    Is this WOD an 8 round Tabata? Propohl wore off and I feel like I need a WOD! They only told me not to drive and make Legal decisions. No one said anything about squat cleans!

    • CrossFit Verve :

      Jim! 8 rounds each exercise. Maybe have that fun daughter of yours join you. She can do some killer air squats and v-ups and give you a run for your money! Don’t push it too hard, we’ll see you soon!


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