Tuesday 130312

For Time

KB Swings 53#(32#)
DB Push Jerks 45#(25#)
20 Ab mat sit ups between each rep set

Jake in deep thought

Post times to BTWB.

Open Week One in the books.  

So the first week of the OPEN is in the books. Did you have fun? How did you like the workout? When it was first announced I didn’t really like it or thought there was a lack of creativity involved. I mean there are so many cool functional movements that we’ve done over the course of the last year that I felt they could have come up with something more unique. However, as I played around with it more I really started to enjoy the workout and the combination of movements. Here’s my experience with 13.1.

I first tried it on Thursday while Luke and Josiah were doing. I decided that I was just going to try it, but not with a judge. I wanted to see how I felt once I got to the 135lb Snatch. I had tweaked my back earlier in the week so I decided that I would go for real on Sunday. That being said I, I wanted to feel my heart rate through the first few segments so I went through the first two rounds of burpees and first round and a half of snatches. After that, I was feeling good so I decided to stop and stay with my plan to workout Sunday.  

On Saturday I came to open gym with the intention of warming up, going a little heavier on the Snatch and just preparing for Sunday. I felt great during the warm up so I decided to give it a go. Bad idea. I had done about 30 Snatches at 135lbs and maybe 15 at 165 lbs during my warm up. As I started the workout, I could tell I was gassed way to early. Then my hands tore and it was downhill from there. I ended with 134 reps. Barely got through the second round of snatches as I was having trouble holding on to the bar. I was pretty distraught with my score and with my hands in the condition they were in, figured that was what I would have to present as my final score. I went home and started to take care of my hands. I went to the store and purchased everything I could that I thought would help my hands recover over night.

I woke up Sunday and my hands were still in rough shape. I decided that I had to give it another shot and if nothing else, I already a score that I could use. I went to the gym early and with the help of a few people, was able to tape my hands enough that I could give it a shot. I was only able to grab the bar with my fingers as my palms were pretty tore up. Once the workout started, I could feel how heavy my legs were. 300+ burpees in 3 days will do that. The good thing was that adrenaline kicked in and although my hands hurt, I was able to get through the workout. I added 16 reps from the previous day.

All in all a pretty cool first week. I need to be strategic about my warm up and sticking to a plan. Did you learn anything?  What would you do differently?

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  1. Pottsie :

    Wheel haus WOD!!! They’re rare but always welcome!

  2. luke :

    Let’s see, if I could choose doing one thing differently… I think I would have done about 40 more reps.

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