Tuesday 130402

5 Rounds for time
12 deadlifts 185# (125#)
2 rope climbs 15′

Jim focused and getting strong

With the nice weather right around the corner, a lot of us will begin more and more activities outside including running.  I’ve heard a few athletes in the gym talk about upcoming races they are entering or different adventure runs that will be happening such as Warrior Dash.

One way to get faster and prevent injury is to make sure and train the hamstrings.  Hamstrings are the most commonly injured muscle accounting for almost 37% of injuries.  One way to make sure you’re not part of that 37% is to strengthen them with accessory work and exercises designed specifically to target the hamstrings.  Zink does a great job of programming these exact types of exercise for Hot Dogs and Cupcakes.    Exercises such as Romanian deadlifts, reverse hyperextensions, glute-ham raises, and good mornings will all target the hamstrings.

If you’re looking for a test to determine if your hamstrings are in good shape try this.  According to studies you should be able to front squat roughly 85% of what you can back squat, assuming you do full range of motion deep squats.   This is the  ideal strength ratio for the hamstrings and quadriceps.  If it’s lower you may have a structural imbalance and would benefit from additional accessory work.

So if you plan on using your fitness outdoors running, hiking, adventure racing, etc.  make sure you’ve got those hamstrings ready to go.  Use open gym time to work on accessory work, come to Hot Dogs and Cupcakes, or simply ask your trainers for some tips and exercise.



  1. slaughter :

    Jim is a badass. Just saying.

  2. Keith :

    Jim isn’t getting strong; Jim be strong already.
    My idol.

  3. Luke :

    That, I believe, is a face of determination. Good-onya Jim.

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