Tuesday 130409

For time:
10 Shoulder press 115# (75#)
15 Overhead squat 115# (75#)
20 Push press 115# (75#)
25 Front squat 115# (75#)
30 Push jerk 115# (75#)
35 Back squat 115# (75#)

Post times to BTWB.

Please welcome Jonathan Whiting Barron to the Verve family. Mom and baby are healthy and doing great!


Do you soak?  After the past few Open workouts I’ve been more sore than usual.  Perhaps it’s because I ended up doing the same workout multiple times in a short span of time, but my body has been really achy.  We always talk about post WOD nutrition as a key to recovery but lately I’ve been looking for other options to help speed up recovery.  Obviously sleep is a big one, but since I haven’t had a really good night of sleep in longer than I can remember, sleep doesn’t count for me.

I’ve been reading up on bath salts and the benefits to soaking.  Apparently there is some benefit to these.  Do any of you use them?  How about just Epson salt?  WODs and other extreme types of exercising can drain the body of magnesium.  Using bath salts that are high in magnesium sulfate can help replenish levels.  Magnesium has also been shown to raise ATP levels which increase energy and stamina.  Magnesium sulfate has also been shown to ease pain and relieve inflammation as well as reduce irritability by decreasing adrenaline levels.  This can lead to better sleep and increase concentration levels along with helping muscles and nerves function properly.

Let me know what you think.  Is there any validity to using these?  I’m always curious to hear first hand that something has worked for someone instead of reading online reviews or articles that make claims.

Reminder that we are having a Nutrition lecture Thursday evening at 7 PM.  Cherie will be giving the lecture and will be covering lots of new and useful information.  

There is no 7 PM WOD or Foundations class that evening.  Hope to see you all there!



  1. Jay Cain :

    Congratulations! That’s a nice looking family.

  2. Rex :

    Yay babies. Congratulations! Best. Thing. Ever.

  3. Cherie :

    Congrats! Love to you three!

  4. Patrick M :

    Awesome pic.. You all look happy. Can’t wait to meet baby Barron.

  5. Jim D. :

    Congrats, such a life changing event. Enjoy the ride!

  6. slaughter :


  7. Robyn :

    Congrats to you three, so precious!

  8. Emily :

    Yes, congratulations! Also, about the soaking…it most deffinately works! My mom taught me about soaking with epsom salts at a young age as a way to sooth my ballet sore body, and I have been doing it ever since. While I know the salt has physiological benefits, you can’t deny the mental relaxation that comes form being surrounded by warmth. There are also salts that have herbs such as lavender, rosemary etc. that provide additional benefits. Oh and don’t be afraid of adding bubbles!

  9. Dan M :

    I’ll take a bath when I’m sore and it works for me. It helps my muscles recover when they are filled with lactic acid and it helps me get back into the gym sooner. I use the Dr. Teal’s brands, they’ve got one specifically for sore/ache muscles. You can get good price on amazon.com.

  10. Julia :

    Yay for baby! Congrats!

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