Tuesday 130416

For Time:
25 Pull ups
50 Deadlift 135#(95#)
50 Push ups
50 Box Jumps 24″(20″)
50 Floor Wipers (Hold PVC or Barbell and touch both opposite side with foot)
50 Clean and Press with KB 36#(24#) (25 on each side)
25 Pull ups

Post time to BTWB.

Ryan Young rocking the handstand walks..

As if you needed more reasons to come into Verve and workout, did you know that working out at least 15 minutes a day leads to acting more enthusiastic and excited?  

Nearly 200 students at Penn State University kept journals logging any physical activity of over 15 minutes a day and how they responded emotionally.  The active students reported high energy emotions, better sleep, and overall better attitudes than their less active peers.  Think about days when things come up and you can’t make it in for a workout.  You feel significantly better on days when you are able to get in for a workout.  

Researches found that the mood enhancement following exercise leads to continually wanting to work out more often.  The subjects in the Penn State study showed significant mood enhancement on the days that they worked out and showed the workouts becoming habit forming due to the positive mental results the students experienced.  Seeing that most of us get into Verve almost everyday, we clearly experience similar results.

We have some new clinics starting up this week.  Thursday morning Maddie will be teaching a rowing clinic at 5:30 AM.  She will also be running another clinic at 12:00 PM on Sunday afternoon.  Please sign up on MBO and come and get your learn on.


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