Tuesday 130423


Every minute on the minute for 5 minutes
5 deadlifts @ 75%

Post weights to BTWB.

Who’s the best? You are!

Do you like creeps?  How about jerks?  Not the kind that involve getting weight overhead, I mean legit jerks?  Whenever you ask someone what they love most about CrossFit the most common answer is the community, right?  You know why?  It’s because we don’t have the normal creeps and jerks that most gyms might have.  We strive to create a caring and positive environment for our athletes.  We joke around and have fun but the end goal is make sure you get a great workout in a safe environment where you learn the proper ways to move.

The CrossFit Journal had an amazing article that I not only thought was a funny, entertaining read with great quotes from well known CrossFit personalities, but also the message was important.

Your trainers are always researching new ways to warm up, better ways to give you coaching tips, different tricks for mobility.  The goal is to make all our athletes better movers and more proficient at day to day activities.  We love that you are receptive to our coaching and scaling.  The athletes at Verve are all receptive to being trained, that’s why you’re here.  There was a great quote in the article that I’ll paraphrase, you can run 400 meters and deadlift anywhere, you come to Verve because you want to be better movers and you love the environment.  How many new friends have you made since you’ve been a member at Verve?  That’s my point, we have a sort of barrier that keeps the right people coming back and weeds out the wrong ones if they decide to come through the door.

I highly recommend clicking HERE and reading the article.  I like the title of the article too.  You’ll see when you click to read.  

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