Tuesday 130521

Complete as many rounds as possible in five minutes of:
3 Deadlifts @ 275#(185#)
7 Push Press @ 115#(75#)

Post rounds to BTWB.

Knees out? check. Elbows up? check. Must be Luke’s class

I love to eat, said everybody.  The problem is most of my meals are very boring either because they’re simple and quick or because I simply don’t know how to be creative in the kitchen.  I eat healthy for the most part with an occasional cheat meal every now and then, but my diet mainly consists of grilled food, sweet potatoes, fruit, and nuts.  I need help when it comes to being adventurous with cooking.

One of the blogs I read had a list of great cookbooks that cover all types of diets, from vegan to paleo.  Since I’ve been looking for resources to help me become daring in my culinary adventures, I thought this might also be a good resource for others

I know a lot of our members are great cooks and also either have blogs or know of some great blogs that would be beneficial to Verve athletes as a resource so please post them to the comments section.

Here is the link to the blog that offers cookbooks for all types of diets.  If you know any other cookbooks that might be beneficial please post them in the comments section as well.


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