Tuesday 130604

Seven rounds for time of:
10 right arm dumbbell hang split snatch 40(25#)
15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent
10 left arm dumbbell hang split snatch 40#(25#)
15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent
Alternate feet in the split snatch sets

Post time to BTWB.

Love that the summer weather is finally here!

Well it’s here, or just about here anyways.  Summer.  Summer means many things, nice weather, outdoor fitness activities, Rockies games, barbecues, etc.  I know most of us have our diets pretty dialed in, but we’ll be hanging out with our friends and family who just don’t quite get the importance diet plays to overall health.  We try not to judge but inside I know we’re all thinking how can he eat that or how many of those did he just eat?

Did you know that food can be just as addicting as drugs?  New research suggest that there are strong similarities between drug addictions and food addictions.  The insight comes from addiction expert Francisco Leri.  In his study presented at the Canadian Association for Neuroscience, Leri’s findings showed how foods how in high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and taste enhancers stimulated similar reactions in rats brains such as hard drugs like cocaine.  So how does this relate to humans?  Leri suggests that like cocaine, people may try it, but only certain people become addicted.  The same holds true with food.  Many people may eat food high in sugar, taste enhancers, and high fructose corn syrup, but not everyone is obese, which illustrates that not everyone has the same addictive traits.

Another study involving mice reported similar results.  Mice were fed a diet of not so good food, think twinkies in human food, for six weeks.  After the six weeks the mice were put back on a health diet, think kale in human food.  The mice experienced severe withdrawal symptoms including anxiety and intense cravings.  The researchers also noted that the food withdrawal symptoms brains of mice closely resembled the mice brains that were going through cocaine withdrawal.

In a human study, researches measure the brain activity of 48 healthy women who were showed a picture of a chocolate milkshake and then tasted the milk shake.  Women with a higher potential to develop food addiction show heightened anticipation in the brain upon seeing food, yet their brains did not recognize satisfaction after trying to fulfill the cravings.

The takeaway is that researches are now finding that food addiction can be just as powerful as hard drug addiction.  Just another reason to control what we put in our bodies.


  1. Scotty :

    Aha Patrick… we meet again

  2. Patrick M :

    LOL you’re clairvoyant!! It will be a fun one for sure.

  3. Ryan Y :

    Is there rehab for people like this. Because I might need that.

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