Tuesday 130625

"CrossFit Total"

Back Squat 1 rep
Shoulder Press 1 rep
Deadlift 1 rep​

Post totals to BTWB.

It doesn’t get more organized than this.

July is just a week away and you know what happens in July?  We are going to be starting a new strength focused program for the next six weeks.  Starting on Monday July 1st we will begin our lower body strength training program.  This is our own custom designed program and the key to success with this program is going to be attendance.  On each Monday we will focus on lower body strength development.  On Thursday for the next six weeks we will focus on upper body strength.

Again the key to seeing success with this new programming will be attendance.  If you can't make it in for some reason on Monday or Thursday please try your best to do the programming during one of the many open gym hours we have.

We will have all the workouts in Beyond the Whiteboard so you'll have an easy way to keep track of your numbers, but since most of you have journals or notebooks, please record your numbers one way or another.  We are going to focus on lifting heavy as well as increasing volume and time under tension during the six week cycle.

This is the time of year to lift heavy so we are going to do our best to introduce programming that is not only fun but yields great gains.  We are going to introduce new lifts and accessory work so make sure to ask plenty of questions during the skill portion of each class.   

Please let us know if you have any questions about the programming.


  1. David H :

    What would you guys recommend for those that try to follow hot dogs as closely as possible? 

  2. Pottsie :

    Laces out, man!

  3. Jason :
  4. Rob b :

    OOOHH. OOOHHH. Grok like lift heavy shizz!  Grok be strong like Laychak!

  5. CrossFit Verve :

    @David, For those of you doing HotDogs and CupCakes we would recommend sticking with either HD&CC still on your Mon/Tues/Thurs days and WODs other days.  Our programming will still focus on General Physical Preparedness = CrossFit, but you'll see a strength bias on Mondays/Thursdays with some lifting and volume accumulation to encourage strength gains.  

    As always, we encourage you all to do HD&CC on it's own, or with a significant break before WODs.  In order to get the most out of the program, you need to be able to hit it with the intensity it deserves, without overloading the body.  



  6. David H :

    Thank You!  

  7. Pottsie :

    I need a suggestion for a WOD to do (off to the side) while people are lifting heavy. My strained external oblique was made worse on Saturday my not listening to my body.

    Any ideas?

  8. Pottsie :


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