Tuesday 130806

For time:
Double unders
Ab mat sit-ups

Post time to BTWB.

Jeff and Tammy under water in the Maldives

Looking for ways to improve your brain power?  Here is an article from Greatist.com that gives 47 ways to improve your brain power.  Here's a few that you take care of while at Verve, but the article gives many great options.   

Aerobic Exercise: Read books, study hard — and do jumping jacks? There’s a ton of research on the link between exercise and cognitive function. And aerobic exercise seems like an especially great way to make it to MENSA — one study showed adults’ brain-processing speed improved after half an hour of moderate exercise. Do the brain a favor and get moving.

Strength Training: Bulk up the brain and hit the weight room. Research suggests strength training not only builds strong muscles and bones — it can also boost cognitive functioning. That’s because lifting weights may increase levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which controls the growth of nerve cells.  

Laughter: Gosh, isn’t the brain funny?! A hearty laugh may be the key to solving a tough problem, since research suggests laughing encourages people to think more creatively.  This is mainly for those that attend Luke's class.  

Many additional great ideas in the article.   Worth the read for sure.

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