Tuesday 130827

As many reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Supine Ring Rows
10 Ring Dips
50 Double Unders

​Post reps to BTWB.

Noses to the wall handstand action

Here's my thing about flip flops.  I think they should only be worn in the comfort of your house.  I've seen too many incidents where people wear their flip flops to a concert or sporting event and one of the flip flops breaks and they have to walk around in bare feet.  What if you have to run? Ever tried running in flip flops?  It's not easy.  Well according to the Huffington Post, flip flops shouldn't be worn for a number of reasons.  Here's what's going on when you slip on those flip flops.

Toes:  Your toes need to grip the sandal to keep it on.  Over time this can lead to tendinitis.  This can be painful and lead to tendon tears or ruptures.  It can also lead to hammer toes and can encourage bunion formation.

Bones:  Overuse can also lead to stress fractures which are caused by repetitive trauma and little shock absorption.  Sandals don't provide much cushion and standing around in them or walking for too long can lead to tiny cracks in the bones.

Bacteria:  According to a study at the University of Miami, one pair of sandals can be home to 18,000 different types of bacteria.

Ankles:  You carry your foot differently in sandals vs. ordinary shoes.  This leads to shorter steps and less vertical force which can throw off your natural gait and trigger pain and problems in the body.  Changes to your natural gait can lead to ankle, knee, hip, and back pain. 

Arch:  The plantar fascia that runs from your heel to the ball of your foot creates the arch in your foot.  Thin flip flops can lead to inflammation of the plantar fascia which can cause arch pain. Lack of arch support can cause the foot to over-pronate or flatten out.  

Heel:  Heel pain can also stem from plantar fasciitis.  Heel pain can stem from the foot repeatedly rising off the back of the flip flop.  

Bottom line is although you may look as cool as a young Luke Palmisano sporting a new bro tank, some fresh board shorts, and then latest in sandal fashion, you could be doing your feet more harm than the cool look is worth.  

Check out the full article HERE.

Speaking of Luke, he will be offering a one hour mobility session on Thursday at 1:30 PM.  He will be covering ankle mobility and show you many great options to get your ankles warmed up and ready for action.  


  1. Jeremy :

    Who is the esteemed author of this post?

    • Luke :

      I won't say anything too specific, but his last name starts with C, ends with Y, and has LANC in the middle. 

      • emily :

        Way to harsh our summer mellow E.C.! Also what is considered 'overuse' and I like the bro tanks!! (think I saw you in one not too long ago :} )word



  2. Scotty :

    Or maybe flip flops are just comfortable…. just sayin

  3. Bj :

    I'm not sure if a coach, teaching a sport, that causes amazing amounts of over use injuries should be spreading his bias about common foot ware…is it possible that his fear and loathing of toes (& Luke's astounding male prowess) is the purpose of this silly post!?

  4. Jeremy :

    Thanks, Luke- now I know who to chase around the box with my cootied flip flops.

  5. John :

    "Self respecting Athletes don't wear flip-flops" – KStar


  6. emily :

    On a more serious note, I noticed there is no free intro class this weekend.  I have a friend who wanted to come to that, will there be one next weekend instead?

    • CrossFit Verve :

      Hi Emily,

      So excited that your friend wants to try out CrossFit!  Our Free Intro class is offered 2 Saturdays/month.  Our last one was this last weekend, and our next class is Sept 7th.  If your friend has done CrossFit before, or wants to try a class out sooner, let us know via email and we can look at trying out a Skilz class for instance.  See you soon and thanks for referring us!


  7. Jen M :

    I've been told a few times by a few different doctors and coaches to stop wearing flip flops or as we used to say in my day, thongs!!  Here's the deal I've been wearing them my whole life pretty much everywhere all year long!  I love them!! Guess what???  It's  finally catching up with me!!  I've known I needed to stop for sometime but they are more addicting than chocalate, wine or anything else!! Thanks for posting because sometimes you have to hear something 2 or 3 or even 10 times before it sinks in!!  I'm going cold turkey today!!  I'll keep you posted in the next few months if it improves heel and ankle pain and mobility!!   

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