Tuesday 130910

For time:
1200 M Run
20 strict pull ups
20 strict HSPU
800 M Run
16 strict pull ups
16 strict HSPU
400 M Run
12 strict pull ups
12 strict HSPU

Post times to BTWB.


Kenny and James looking determined during Oly class.

Hey folks for the next three days we are going to be posting a great article by our own Chris Slaughter.  The posts overall theme is injuries and overcoming them, but there are many great points along the way.  Be sure to read the next three days and post your thoughts to comments.

Injuries by Chris Slaugher:

Recently there has been a lot of talk about injuries, and some pretty gnarly ones, Courtney, Clancy, and myself have or probably will be going under the knife. I wanted to touch on this, safety in general, CrossFit, and other random thoughts from a brain full of random shit. Be prepared for psycho-science.

A friend of mine posted on my Facebook profile “a lot of people at Verve are getting injured!” and it’s a coincidental connection, but a valid one. People who are accepting of CrossFit are willing to push just a little bit harder than the bottom half of the bell curve, which makes them statistically more prone to injuries, but generally not from doing CrossFit.  Statistically Verve has a quite low rate of injury. I have only had 1 injury while attending Verve and it was doing stupid shit swinging on the pull-up rig and smacking my kneecap into the steel upright. Some might remember that day. That’s it – every other actual injury (not tweaks) I have suffered has been outside of the gym, I’ll elaborate on this later. Think of how many workouts you’ve done, and how many injuries you’ve had in the gym. Take the injuries, divide by total workouts done. That is your statistical injury rate at Verve, mines around 0.15% and getting lower every day. I’ve talked to lots of other members who have injured themselves outside the gym and have used the gym to recover… Weird right.
There are many types of people, and guess what, all of them get injured once in a while, and really think about what drives these people as you read, and put their values in your mind as context for decision making.

The Human – A non-perfect, beautifully advanced machine – It’s no secret how amazing the human body is. But it’s important to note that it’s not perfect. Our bones are not made of reinforced carbon fiber like in Avatar. Our cells are not immune to diseases and viruses like the common cold. The physical (and mental) portions of our bodies have limits and they’re fairly well definable. There are trillions of connections between cells and hundreds of types of enzymes, hormones, eicosanoids, cell types, and dozens of systems like electrical conductors (nerves & brain), mechanical systems (heart / muscles), structural systems (bones), chemical systems (organs & molecular interactions). If you really think all of these are going to always work perfectly – you’re kidding yourself. Have you ever woken up because your arm was asleep; that’s an adaptation so you don’t lose a hand by doing something stupid like subconsciously rolling over asleep to get comfy and end up cutting off circulation to an extremity. It is a system to deal with the things that happen. The best way to avoid injury all together is to sit in a chair all day in a house with controlled temperature with no external influences. You are guaranteed not to get injured; you are also guaranteed to become decrepit. It is virtually impossible for nothing to happen to you; I have tripped over a curb because I was looking at my cell phone, and also knocked myself unconscious because I was going down the stairs too fast.

To be continued Wednesday and Thursday.  


  1. Bill :

    Guess what has two thumbs and made that Facebook comment…THIS GUY, good post slaughter, same thing when I was racing dirt bikes, the risk of injury was higher and we even had one death (had a concussion wakeboarding was advised not to ride and smacked a tree the next day, brain swelled…) People would see this stuff and say its too dangerous, the same people were not the least bit physically active and one snickers bar away from losing a foot to diabetes. The difference is there risks of being sedentary and having a bad diet is more acceptable than jumping out of a plane, climbing a rope, or rock climbing. CrossFit is what I used to help me recover from shoulder surgery as well and it usually feels better than my other shoulder.

  2. Anna :

    Thanks Slaughter!! Really excited for the next two episodes! People always tell me they think Crossfit is dangerous, now I have great ammo.

  3. Leslie :

    I posted yesterday but not sure if anyone saw- if you are interested let me know:

    Is anyone interested in a (official or non-official) Verve trip to Fort Collins to visit Addie? There is a home game Saturday 10/12- which could mean football fun (I checked- tickets are $22) and Pickle Barrell would be open!

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