Tuesday 131022

As a team of three, complete for time:
150 Pull-Ups
150 Burpees
150 Clean & jerk, 95# (65#)
Run 2400m 

This workout can be performed in any order, however each movement must be completed before moving on and only one team member may be working at a time.

Post time to comments and BTWB.

Congratulations to all our athletes that competed this last weekend in the various activities available to us, whether CrossFit competitions, obstacle races, and marathons/halfs/relays, etc! 

We had athletes representing up at the Lumberyard Throwdown (Nate finished on the podium 3rd in the Men’s Open Division, and James B finished 21st in his competition debut) as well as Joanne “Joey” completed a “short” [for her] race in the Rock’N’Roll half marathon on her warm-up for the Marine Corps marathon this next weekend.  Are you competing or training for something wonderful coming up?  Are you putting your fitness to the test locally or far away?  Well, please let us know so we can put it on the calendar and support you/celebrate your accomplishments!  Please email Eric@crossfitverve.com so we can keep track.

Along that note, I just want to say thank you.  

I’m so happy to work alongside each of you as we strive to improve ourselves physically and mentally, as we walk through our doors and know that we are not judged on our looks, but rather we celebrate our efforts.  The video above from CrossFit was released a couple weeks ago around the same time I ran across a startling article talking about the latest obsession of teenage girls in our society, to obtain an appropriate “Thigh Gap,” you can read the article here.  It frustrates the heck out of me to know that all this silliness continues to propagate to our young women.  

But then I am reminded everyday here at Verve when I watch women and men get strong, push their boundaries, and celebrate accomplishments that my daughter is surrounded by a community that recognizes so much more.  I know that she learns that her worth is not measured by her ability to put on make-up or her thigh gap, but by her efforts, her ability to work hard, and what she can do rather than just her looks.  She can watch the U.S. Women’s soccer team and clap in exclamation, she can lift a barbell over her head and tell me, “[She’s] strong.”  Hopefully, all the skewed messages in society regarding body image will be outweighed by positive messages by people whom matter most.  We always acknowledge that, “Well, of course we want to look good naked too, haha.”  

But as we breathe hard, move fast, and suffer next to each other we are growing individually in character and supporting a community that values effort and that is powerful stuff.   

What do you think about the video?  What is beauty to you?  Has it changed with your experiences inside and outside the box walls?


  1. Sara Lew :

    Even though I felt wildly underprepared, I completed a half marathon last weekend and felt so much faster and better than I ever expected! Thanks, CFV! Also thanks to my hot tub.

  2. slaughter :

    well written!

  3. I completed (i am consciously not using the word “ran”) my first marathon last Sunday! You can read all about and probably learn way more about me than you ever wanted to know on my blog http://www.thegreatstephadventure.wordpress.com ! CrossFit definitely helped prepare me by showing me that your mind can be your biggest obstacle, and that you should trust in your strength. Thank you coaches!

  4. James (O.G.) :

    As a Dad and as a human, I love that video. Beauty is strength; strength is beauty.

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