Tuesday 131112


Post weight to BTWB.

Great start to the Verve Barbell Club..not bad for 5:30 AM.

Festivus for the Rest of Us Community Challenge

This is not your typical food challenge. It drapes across the whole holiday season for crying out loud, a time not exactly conducive to clean eating, but it can be. Maybe not squeaky clean, but we want you leaving this holiday season feeling good. I mean really good. There is an influx of food challenges in the month of January because people wake up January 1st feeling guilty, and shameful, and well, probably pretty hung over. We want this January to be different, and we want this food challenge to be different. Instead of being driven by guilt and New Years resolutions to “do better,” we want this challenge to be spurred by health, by a desire to simply feel good during this holiday season. Because of this impetus, we are giving you 10 free meals over the 6 week challenge. There will also be no “winners” according to body composition or performance change, just winners from those who can maintain a basic level of compliance over the 6 weeks. We want this to be about what we as a community do every day: support and elevate each other to be better in every facet of our lives.

Dates: November 25 – January 6
Meeting/Sign-ups: November 19 12:30PM and November 21 5:30PM
Hydrostatic BodyFat Tests (Optional): November 21 6AM-8:30PM and January 4 8AM-2PM
$65 for BEFORE/AFTER test package. Paid at time of BEFORE test. Otherwise 1st time test is $49 and any retest is $35. Accept cash, checks and charge.


Categories: Either strict Paleo or strict Zone for the duration of the challenge.
Free Meals: You get 10 free meals because the holidays are all about community and usually community means food. We don’t want to strip all of that away, we just want to create a foundation of clean eating from which to drive into the new year.

Support: Weekly emails from us, weekly available office hours and several community events.

Price: There is $100 entrance fee for the challenge. $50 will go towards administrative elements and $50 will go into a Community Pot from which we will draw winners at the end of the challenge.

You will also make a $100 bet on yourself. If after 6 weeks you have stayed within the parameters of the challenge, then you will get your $100 back. If not, then your $100 gets added to the Community Pot. Only those who successfully finish the challenge will be eligible to win BIG. Could be the best bet you ever make.

Hey Rowers-
Rowing Challenge Test Dates and Times
Test Dates/Times: Thursday, 5:30AM & 6:30PM and Friday, 12:30PM. If none of these times work for you, let me know and we will figure out a time that works.


  1. Nikki :

    What are the parameters of the challenge if we choose not to do the optional hydrostatic body fat test?

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