Tuesday 131203

In 20 Minutes Complete as many rounds as possible of:

Run 400 Meters
60 Double unders
30 Ab mat sit ups
15 Dumbbell hang power clean 40#(25#)

Post time to BTWB.

Since Courtney is on vacation and we might miss her sweet moves..here’s a dog with sweet moves to hold us over.

We are in full swing with the holiday season.  I know this because of the Black Friday videos I watched online of people going crazy shopping.  Many of us will be traveling to different parts to see family and friends for the holidays.  I know that when I’ve traveled in the past finding a gym or place to workout can sometimes be challenging and honestly the last thing I have time to do.  That being said there are a ton of amazing resources online that can provide Travel WODS that you can easily do with no little or no equipment.

I know just picking a number and doing that many burpees can be simple and challenging, but let’s be honest there are much more exciting and inventive ways to get your heart rate up.  We have a large volume of no equipment needed workouts in the office so if you’re heading out of town and need a few ideas on something to do for a workout, just let us know.

You can do a quick Google search and you’ll find many great resources online that provide plenty of workouts that require little to no equipment.  It is always good to have a jump rope handy and since they are easy to pack, there really is no excuse to not having one with you.  Unless of course your physical therapist and doctor tell you that you still have 4 weeks to go before you can use one,then it might be best to not pack one and give yourself the urge to see what you can do.  

The point is there really is no excuse to not get a little fitness in while you’re traveling.  One of the best things I like about CrossFit gyms is that everything is usually planned out, from the warm up to the workout to the accessory work to the cool down at the end.  When I was working out alone, if I didn’t have a plan I could spend way to long just trying to come up with something to do.  These resources of travel WODS provide that same type of planning and convenience.  Just search online or ask us for a list and we’ll be happy to give you plenty of ideas.


  1. Dana :

    That dog has moves like Napoleon Dynamite.

  2. CrossFit Verve :

    That dog has nothing on me. . . but I give him an A+ for the effort. That is my kind of dog, no offense Lucas.


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