Tuesday 131217

Bench Press
Rest 1 minute between efforts

Post weight to BTWB.

Team Verve holding their $$ after an amazing weekend. Not the best photo quality, but the smiles can be seen.

After two extremely long days of competition, I’m talking the final WOD was at 12:35 AM on Saturday morning long, CrossFit Verve finished in the money literally.  Team CrossFit Verve came in 7th overall and won $1K for their placement.

The weekend went so well.  I had my doubts about how the event would be run and the type of events the organizers would throw at the competitors but I was so pleasantly surprised with the programming and how the competition was run.  They did run a little behind but that was the only issue I noticed.  Overall it was a fantastic competition and I was glad to be there supporting our amazing athletes.

All of our athletes gave amazing performances.  Some highlights for me were Lev hitting a new PR on her snatch during the USAW after crushing partner Isabel with squat snatches the night before with Kaplan, Nat fighting through illness to tackle the heaviest workouts for Team Verve, Mas battling through lower back stiffness to hit 235# on the complex workout as well as smash a front squat overhead walking lunge workout.  Robyn ripping a 3K row and then hitting 135# on her complex.  Nate and Kaplan dominating their workouts per usual and Ryan doing 4 workouts on Saturday. Anna, Courtney, Trina, Lev, and Robyn showed why we have some of the best female athletes in the state.  If there is a video of Trina doing the Grace Who workout it is a must watch.  Anna and Nate doing the ring dip and overhead squat workout with kb’s was amazing to watch.  Courtney showing why she is so well rounded and capable of anything that was thrown at her after being on the shelf with her injury last year was inspirational to watch.  The workout that featured all our team members showed how well we communicate and work together.  

Saturday featured 10 workouts over the course of 12 hours.  You can imagine how taxing these workouts were and how well our athletes recovered to be able to perform as well as they did.

As expected the Verve family showed up in full force and was front and center while our athletes competed, often times only inches away from the athletes.  Your screaming and yelling definitely helped our athletes push through the pain and pull off some incredible acts of fitness. Thank you to all who showed up, followed on social media, and helped our athletes out.

Overall it was a fantastic weekend and I was glad to be there and see the incredible performances.

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