Tuesday 140107

For time:
Run 1600 meters
150 Double unders
50 Burpees
Run 800 meters
100 Doubke unders
35 Burpees
Run 400 meters
50 Double unders
20 Burpees

Post time to BTWB.

Great turnout for this pasts weekend memorial WOD.  Just another reason we all love this place!

Great turnout for this pasts weekend memorial WOD. Just another reason we all love this place!

We use our daily posts to provide you with information about  topics we feel are relevant to our members, whether it’s nutrition, mobility, upcoming events and so on.  I want to use this post to ask you the members what you like best about CrossFit and more importantly what you love about CrossFit Verve.  I’ll give you a few of my favorite things, but this is about you so let’s hear it. Post your thoughts in the comments.

My favorite part of Verve is you the community.  Some days I come in and I’m not having the best day, but after a few minutes of talking with the members I begin to cheer up.  Maddie calls me grumpy, but a few good talks with you guys changes all that!  Seeing you guys excel or hearing about you recent gym accomplishments is something I know all the trainers really enjoy.

Scaling workouts or coming up with modifications is another of my favorite parts of my job.  I may joke and give you a hard time, but one of my favorite things is being put on the spot and coming up with ways to help people figure out how they are going to get through a workout when dealing with an injury.  I love hearing how good the modifications are after the workout or even hearing that the modification may have been too easy.  It’s a learning experience for me and helps me help future members.  Keep giving me and all the trainers all your feedback so we know what works and what doesn’t.

Seeing new members become part of the Verve community.  When we start a new class of foundations, you can see the people in the foundations classes watching in awe what our members in the classes are capable of.  This can be pretty intimidating as many of us know. When people leave foundations and begin participating in WODs and Skilz classes it’s always great to see our current members so welcoming to the new members.  It’s such a good feeling to walk in to a place and be met with friendly faces full of encouragement.  I put a new member with a group of experienced members last week during our shoulder press, push press, push jerk workout and it was great to see the interaction and encouragement coming from our veterans. This goes a long way so keep it up.  

The up for anything attitude.  A lot of times I’ll work out during open gym and I love when we get together and just brainstorm a workout.  We have no idea how it’s going to feel, but we are always up for trying it out.  If you can make an open gym, I highly recommend grabbing a few people and finding out what everyone is going to do and just getting involved.  The unknown can lead to some great workouts and bonding with your fellow members.  

Those are a few of my favorite things about CrossFit and Verve.  Now it’s your turn.  What are some of your favorite parts of CrossFit and Verve.  Post away in the comments.  


  1. Jen :

    My favorite things about Verve are definitely the community and the coaching. The community is incredibly supportive and fun (and they make kick-ass friends!), and the coaching is hands-down the best coaching I’ve ever experienced.

  2. Ali :

    My favorite things about Verve are the following:

    1) The people!! I love the diversity within Verve. I get to meet some of the coolest people with the greatest stories.
    2) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 5:30 am crew. Seriously some of the most rockin’ people that start off every day together….the right way!
    3) I love that there is no judgment when I walk through the Verve doors. It doesn’t matter what took place during my day or my week. We are all just people sharing a passion for health and longevity.
    4) And last but not least….I love to beat Clancy at the 1 minute of double unders contest. Keep tryin’ buddy!

  3. Courtney :

    Ali, so you are aware, Country played ALL day today. The station could not be changed unless someone beat your 1 min DU score. As of the afternoon classes it hadn’t happened. So I guess what I’m saying is. . . . I like that you beat Clancy at it too.

  4. Dan Bragaw :

    My favorite thing about Verve is the coaches. I feel like I get a high level of coaching. Great cues, tips, advice etc. I, also, think the coaches do a great job making it fun. The other thing I really like is that there are always a lot of people there ready to work hard. This gives Verve a high energy atmosphere. Verve has verve!!

  5. Cynthia :

    1) Crossfit has given me some of the best friends you could have,
    2) I’m stronger than I have ever been
    3) crossfit has changed the way I view myself, as cheesy as it is, I no longer worry about the weight on the scale but the weight on the bar,
    4) as result of my number 3 I’m excited about the fact that my quads don’t fit into my jeans anymore! Who would imagine that would be an exciting thing 😉

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