Tuesday 140114

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5

Post weights to BTWB.

What does 2014 have in store for you?

Alright boys and girls, you may have noticed that the “Goals” and “Accomplished” board have been erased and are now ready for this years goals.  Make sure you choose something that is measurable and realistic.  Ultimately the goals you choose are yours, but we want them to be something that is achievable.  For example, I put up 3 weightlifting goals and 3 gymnastic based goals that are all going to be difficult and will provide a challenge, but at the end of my time frame I’ll be able to attempt them and see whether or not I’m able to accomplish them.

Fear not.  I took photos of the boards before I erased them so if you can’t remember what you wrote last year or if you were able to accomplish your goals, just ask me and I can email you or simply show you the photos I snapped.

Hopefully by now you’ve seen the flyers around the gym for the In House Competition taking place on February 8th.  The competition is for Verve members only.  Teams can be MM, MF, or FF.  There are two divisions, Rx and Open and all the weights that correspond to the divisions can be found on the sign up sheets.  The cost for the competition is $40 per team and we will use the proceeds for prizes. We were able to get Progenex to donate prizes as well.  Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of 2 workouts and the top teams will have the opportunity for a 3rd and possible a 4th workout.

On the signup sheet, you’ll need to put your name and your partners name as well as the division you’d like to compete in.  Deadline for sign up is  1/25/2013.  There is a red folder near the stereo system that has the sign up sheets in it.  When you finish filling out the form, please place the filled out sheet back in the folder or simply give it to a trainer and they can place it on my desk.  Workouts will be announced the day of. Should be a great way to get ready for the Open and have some fun with your fellow athletes.


  1. Keith :

    Will you need judging? (since I can’t compete)

  2. Clancy :

    Keith, yes we will need judges. That would be great if you could help out. Thanks!

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