Tuesday 140311

For Max Weight:

1 Squat Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 Shoulder to Overhead.  (20 Minute Time Cap)

Post weight to BTWB.

How many hours a night do you sleep?  Do you sleep right through?  How do you sleep, are you a back sleeper, sleep on your side, on your stomach?  The reason I ask these difficult questions is because most of us may be sleeping in a position that could be detrimental to the way we move.  I’ve been having issues with my shoulders while I sleep and I’m guessing I’m not alone.  I’ve been doing some research that I feel has benefited the way I sleep and may help our athletes as well.

MobilityWOD did a series a while back that addresses a lot of the issues athletes face while sleeping.  Below is a part of the series, but if you are having issues with the way you sleep or don’t really know that your having issues, but know that something isn’t quite correct, I highly recommend watching the series.

Here is one of the videos that addresses the neck and shoulders.  Be sure to watch the rest of the videos too.  Really great information that may help you develop better sleeping positions.

Post any suggestions you might have in the comments as well, because if it’s helped you, I’m sure your suggestions could help others.

Regional team hopefuls, make sure to put your heaviest weight on your 14.2 score sheet and have a coach verify.


  1. OHHHH NNOOOOO!!!!!!! I’ve been sleeping on my stomach for 34 years, I can’t overhead squat to save my life! I guess it makes sense. I’ll give the side sleep a try, hopefully it will change my life.

  2. Michelle :

    Ah Crap! The only thing that I’m good at 7-8 hours a night and now I find that I’m doing it wrong!!!! 🙂

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