Tuesday 140408

5 Rounds for Time:
30 Bench Press 95#(65#)
3 rope climbs 15′

Post time to BTWB.

Kavan and the Irishman getting swole during open gym!

Many of  you that have been coming to Skilz class have noticed we do a lot of strict pull up work.  I’ve been making it a priority to add in more strict movements to help develop strength in the pull up, whether it’s a few max sets of strict pull ups or ring rows, the goal is to develop overall pulling strength.  I’ve also talked to a lot of individuals during workouts and used strict pull ups as a modification in workouts to better build strength and hopefully make us stronger overall.  After all we all want pull ups, right?  

So what do you think?  Do you think strict pull ups should come before kipping pull ups?  I have my feelings and thoughts but it’s not about me, it’s about you.  What are your thoughts?

Here is a great video with some well known CrossFit personalities that have an educated conversation about pull ups and the importance of both the strict version and the kipping version.  Take a watch and hear both sides of the argument.  



  1. Jason A :

    When I was struggling with kipping pull ups I would cut the reps in half during WODs and do strict pull ups. We did a lot of strict pull up work in the first run of Barbell club and that greatly improved my pulling strength. Kipping pull ups are way easier now that I have better overall pulling strength.

  2. Russell :

    Great Vid.

    Hey…. don’t I recognize that fellah on the right?

    Gallleee, Verve just has the best of everything…

  3. Charles :

    Agree that strict should come before kip. As ive tried to get back to full strength after my collarbone injury pulling is an area where ive lost a significant amount of strength and its been slow to come back. The strict pull-ups are of more help than just kipping for large numbers, imo.

  4. Linda Kiker :

    I remember doing quite a bit of the strict pull ups during the 12 week run of BBC. Focusing on those really helped me develop strength in the pull and also body positioning.

  5. Scotty :

    Can we find a way to allow James Whitmire to do pull ups
    While he’s rowing

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