Tuesday 140422

Every minute on the minute for 20:00, alternate exercises:
Odd minutes: row 20 calories
Even minutes: 20 push-ups

Post calories and reps to BTWB

I’d say the mobility was a hit, what about you?

Very often athletes from Verve have to travel, whether for work or personal reasons.  This usually ends up with athletes staying in hotels.  The nice thing about hotels is that most of them have some type of workout area.  Now we’ve talked about different workouts you can do with minimal equipment to still get your fitness on but here’s a few easy ways to use a piece of equipment most hotels offer, a treadmill.  With our chosen fitness form, the idea of running on a treadmill for a long time at a steady pace while listening to music or watching television might not quench our fitness thirst.  So try these tips to make your treadmill experience a little more your speed.

Use intervals.  Mix it up with high and low speeds.  This combination will get the heart rate spiked and can be used for maximum calorie burning if that’s your goal.

Use the hill function.  Most treadmills have a way to mix in some elevation changes which will again throw curve balls at your body and lead to a more enjoyable less boring workout.

Use it like we do in our daily WOD’s.  You don’t have to do it before or after, after but instead mix it in.  Grab some some dumbbells and create a workout that involves running as a piece of the workout.  Just remember that if you leave the treadmill running while you hop of to do some manmakers or thrusters, that the belt is still moving when you jump back on.  Check YouTube for videos of people who forgot this.

Create a music playlist that goes with the tempo you want to run.  Since most of use don’t know how long songs are, this will be an easy way to create a workout that changes the speed of your treadmill work with a little mystery involved.  Sprint during those house music tracks and slow it down for the tracks that are a little less motivating.

Check out the the article the above was referenced from HERE.  There are many great references to treadmill workouts if you don’t want to plan your own.  


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