Tuesday 140527

Hang clean 3-3-3-3-3
Back squat 5-5-5
Clean pull 5-5-5

Post weights BTWB.


Danielle working her technique in Barbell Club.


Hope everyone had a great long weekend and everyone had an amazing time doing a great workout yesterday.  

A few notes about scheduling for the upcoming week.  

Tuesday morning Skilz class at 6:30.  The morning workout and the evening workout are the same so if you are an early riser and like to get your workout on before starting your day then come on by.  The workouts for both the WOD and Skilz are published on Beyond The Whiteboard.  Simply follow both the WOD and Skilz track and you’ll know what your workout for the day will be.  If you aren’t on Beyond The Whiteboard and would like to be, simply email eric@crossfitverve.com for an invite and I’ll hook it up.  

Tuesday evening classes will be on the 1/2 hour starting at 5 pm.  This means we will have classes starting at 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, and 6:30 as well as the normal classes at 4:00 and 7:00.  Classes are still 1 hour long.  Please sign up for the class you plan on attending. We are trying to keep the classes to around 12 people per and signing up helps us track attendance and decide if the 1/2 starts times are beneficial.  

Next weekend is the CrossFit Games Southwest Regional so our team will be heading out later this week.  Be sure to wish them luck. They’ve put in a ton of work to get here and are going to kick some serious tail next weekend.  We will have the heats streaming all weekend at the gym so be sure to come by and watch.  

For those of you that like our blogs to get your learn on, here’s an article from the Poliquin Group about why everyone should do squats.

Six Reason Everyone Should Do Squats by Poliquin Group.

Have a great week!

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