Tuesday 140715

For time:
10 Rope climbs
100m Walking lunge
50 Dips
100m Walking lunge
10 Muscle-ups

Post time to BTWB.

Josh Wrede coming in hot and ready for action!

Josh Wrede coming in hot and ready for action!

Rather than one post about one topic, today I present to you to a collection of articles from the Web about topics that are interesting and should provide something to read during the day.

Burnout: The Enemy of Sleep: The Atlantic 

The above link is about Arianna Huffington, the creator of the Huffington Post and how after a long trip working long hours, she returned home and collapsed in her living room.  She hit her head on desk and ended up breaking her cheek bone.  This was the point at which she knew that something had to give.  She provides advice on how to make sure you’re getting enough sleep and how this means having to say “NO” to  things that may be fun or important.

Understanding CrossFit and the Intensity Prescription by Jon Gilson

Intensity is the independent variable in our workouts.  What you consider intensity, might be something completely different to the person next to you.  From the “What is CrossFit” L1 Lecture, “Intensity must be pursued relative to the physical and phychological tolerance of the individual.”  Based on the condition of the trainee intensity varies and this should be monitored by the trainer and the trainee.  This is the reason we may tell someone new to do fewer reps or take some weight off the bar.  Read the above to learn more. 

These Fruits Were Made for Grilling The New York Times

Ever tried grilling watermelon?  How about apricots?  The above links to an interesting article that talks about an unconventional way to eat fruit and also provides links to a few recipes.  You don’t need to use the grill either, most of the recipes can be made in the house by using a grilling pan or even an indoor grille.  Take a read and let us know if you’ve tried any of the interesting recipes.  


  1. Pottsie :

    Hey guys, I left my Grizzly wraps there tonight. Think I left them on the floor next to the restroom. Anyway, I know you take stuff to Goodwill, usually on the 15th. Would please mind holding my wraps back? I’ll get them tomorrow night. Appreciate it!

  2. Linda Kiker :

    Hey! And I too have left behind something. It’s a pink long sleeved pull over v neck top. Oh please don’t give it away. I’ll be in tomorrow @ 11:30!!!

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