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For max load:
Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Post loads to BTWB.

Who doesn't like 1/2 Turkish get-ups after a WOD?

Who doesn’t like 1/2 Turkish get-ups after a WOD?

How to Improve Bone Strength with Exercise by The Poliquin Group

Did you know that it was possible to increase your bone strength with training?  As we get older and osteoporosis becomes more of a factor we can use strength training to increase the strength of our bones which will help combat osteoporosis and reduce the chance of fractures.

To achieve optimal bone health, the best type of training to use is heavy lifts that we use quite often, the squats and deadlifts. Though aerobic exercise and muscular endurance have their place in our overall fitness goals, to beef up those bones, use lifts that load the spine.

A recent study compared two women power lifters, age 48 and 54, that had been lifting for over 30 years.  Both study participants focused on squats, bench press, and deadlift with one participant performing 70 percent of her lifts at near maximal weights and the other performing 75 percent of her lifts at near maximal weight.

Both of the women in the study had bone mineral density that was significantly higher than the normal levels for their age and gender, but more importantly their levels were above the average of women age 20 – 29.  20 – 29 is the age when women are considered to be at their peak for bone density levels.

The women in the study have been lifting for 30 years which is considerably longer than the norm for most people, but it simply goes to show that doing what we do on a daily basis is setting us up for healthier stronger lives down the road.  Proper training, coaching, and technique with these lifts is of course part of the equation as well.  Continue to come in to the gym, take advice from your coaches, and lift heavy on our heavy days and you’ll see the results on the outside and your stronger bones will thank you as well.

The title is a link to the full article that the above was summarized from.

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