Tuesday 140909

For time:
Run 800 meters
20 Push press 135#(95#)
Run 800 meters
35 Push press 115#(75#)
Run 800 meters
50 Push press 75#(55#)

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Luke is having way too much fun while his partner suffers!

Luke is having way too much fun while his partner suffers!

You know what’s better than a hot cup of coffee?  Nothing!  Sorry to all my friends and readers that don’t indulge, but the below is going to be about the benefits of drinking coffee.  I love coffee.  At night when I’m falling asleep in bed, my last thought is sometimes about the morning and the wonderful nectar I’ll be consuming when I wake up.  Fresh coffee plus heavy whipping cream equals a great start to my day!

There are tremendous benefits to consuming coffee as well.  Use the comments to dispute any of the below but tread lightly, that’s coffee you’re disrespecting and it’s friends are many.

Coffee can help you reduce muscle soreness and recover faster:

A study had women consume 5mg of of caffeine, about 2.5 half cup of coffee, at the 24 and 48 hour time frame after a muscle damaging workout.  They also had a placebo group involved in the study as well.  The group that consumed the caffeine reported between 26 and 48 percent less muscle pain than the placebo group.  Maximal strength recovery was also faster.

Coffee can increase your metabolic rate:

According to evidence, coffee can increase your metabolic rate by anywhere from 3 – 10 percent.  Coffee can also modulate blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity.  This doesn’t mean that coffee is the magic weight loss solution most of the world is in search of.  If adding coffee is the only difference made in a diet, body composition is likely to not change.  

Coffee can be used for a great endurance performance boost:

In a time trial of elite 1500 meter runners, the runners that consumed coffee ran an average of 4.2 seconds faster than the placebo group in the study and the best time was 17 seconds faster with coffee.  

So how do we get the best results from coffee?  Well most people become habituated to coffee, this means you’ll get the greatest performance boost if you don’t consume it daily.  If you’re going to use coffee as a performance booster for a competition, it is recommended that you stop consuming it 5 days prior to the day of the competition.  That sounds like a difficult 5 days to this trainer, but perhaps it’s worth a shot.  

Post your thoughts to comment.  For the full article the above was referenced from as well as links to the references used in the studies, click HERE.


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