Tuesday 140916

Back Squat
1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1

Then, on the 2:00 for five sets
Five back squats at 60% 1RM, + five chest slapping push-ups

Compare to 130408

Post weights to BTWBIMG_0014

Steve taking care of some L Rope climbs.

Steve taking care of some L Rope climbs.

Everyone of us has goals.  Whether it’s related to our profession, relationship, or even in the gym for CrossFit.  What if we set too many goals though?  I’m speaking specifically about our CrossFit related goals, but the principle can relate to goals set in other aspects of your life too.  I read an article that made a lot of sense to me with regard to goals and I wanted to share the key points here.

Setting too many goals can be a hindrance to actually reaching said goals.  Let’s say we set a goal to perform 100 double unders unbroken.  Well in order to reach this goal, you’ll have to practice, a lot.  If we have 5 other goals that also require our attention then we may not be able to allocate the time needed to our first goal, double unders, because we are also focused on attaining other goals and therefore spreading our time, what little extra there may be, on too many things.  Logically it would make more sense to pick a goal, focus on it for a while until you’re happy with the result and then move on to another goal.  Practice double unders until you have them down and then use your extra time for the next goal on the list.  

Sometime when we have a list of goals, we choose to focus our attention on the easiest one and put off the goals that require the most attention.  Now this might make sense to focus on the goal that requires the least amount of work and effort, but perhaps spending the extra time achieving the harder to reach goals will provide you with extra drive and satisfaction once you’ve accomplished the most difficult goal you’ve set.  Make a list, decide which goal requires the most attention and then plan a course of action.  

Reaching goals sometimes requires you to start over at the beginning.  Let’s use the double under example. When we have double unders in a workout we always work on the them in the skill session before the workout.  We try to focus on using the correct form and making the movement as efficient as possible.  Once we hear 3-2-1..go, all the attention to form may get thrown out the window because we’re in the heat of a workout.  Take a step back, scale the reps accordingly so you can work on your form and technique so that down the line, you’ll have all the correct mechanics in place to perform the movement with ease.  Taking a step back to move forward is a great way to achieve goals.

Check out the full article the above was referenced from HERE.  Post your thoughts or ideas to comments so others can read your thoughts on the subject. 

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