Tuesday 141021

Four rounds for time:
21 Wall-balls, 20# (14#)
18 Pull-ups
15 Kettlebell swings, 70# (53#)
12 Handstand pushups

Post time to BTWB

An unfastened belt can't slow down Jared during pause front squats.

An unfastened belt can’t slow down Jared during pause front squats.

This post is mainly for the newbies at CrossFit Verve, those that have been coming for less than 2 months, but don’t get me wrong the message will resonate with our experienced members as well.  Reading a few different websites over the weekend, I came across an article that discusses the mistakes newer CrossFit participants make.  Read on and see if you are guilty of any of the mistakes, whether a newer member or someone that’s been around for a while.  Check out the full article on The Box Magazine HERE.

Too much too fast.

We talk about it all the time.  Get your mechanics down, perform them consistently, and then jack up the intensity.  Movements we perform in the gym are sometimes difficult to master.  Taking a step back, using less weight, and cutting reps are going to be the ingredients to becoming a better athlete.  The coaches will give you guidance and recommendations on scales that we know are going to allow you to get a great workout and help you in the long run.


As a newer athlete you should never guess what you should do.  Ask as many questions as you want to your trainers, that’s what we are here for.  The trainers have scaled every movement we perform in a number of different ways so we can always come up with something that’s right for each person.  When it comes to choosing weight, the trainers will look at your movement and make sure you are using a weight that allows you perform the movement correctly and safely.  Ask questions, we encourage it!

Not enough rest.

Every person is different with regards to the workload he or she can handle, but every person also needs rest.  If you wake up and don’t feel like you have it, consider taking the day off or just coming in to do some mobility.  Rest is the key to seeing gains.  Let’s be honest, coming to the gym becomes addictive.  The high we get from working out leads to us wanting to come in everyday and chase it again, but working out when you’re sore or tired can sometimes lead to a bad performance in a workout.  CrossFit.com programs on a 3 on 1 off basis, meaning 3 days of work followed by a day of rest.  This is a great schedule to consider when you start out.

There are a few more key points in the article I referenced the above from so be sure to click through and give it a read.  Post in the comments any other advice you might have for newer members as well as the veterans.  


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