Tuesday 141104

For time:
Row 1000 Meters
20 Shoulder to overhead 135#(95#)
Row 750 Meters
10 Shoulder to overhead 155#(105#)
Row 500 Meters
5 Shoulder to overhead 185#(125#)

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Yeah, there was a little buzz during open gym last night!

Yeah, there was a little buzz during open gym last night!

How many times have you heard people say that they don’t want to do CrossFit because they don’t want to get bulky?  You’ll never hear me or Zink say it because we love getting bulky, jacked is more likely the phrase we choose, but when you weigh around 160 lbs it’s really hard to get bulky or jacked, but we try.

The misconception is that because we use a lot of weightlifting in our programming that people will get bulky.  Using only weightlifting may indeed add size to you, but when you combine weightlifting with a well rounded program such as CrossFit, the results are going to be a more healthy in shape individual.

There are benefits to lifting heavy weights of course and that’s why you see it in our programming twice a week.  Here are a few reasons why lifting heavy weights is essential to a good workout routine.  The below is referenced from an article on the Poliquin Groups website and the entire article can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Reasons to lift Heavy:

You get stronger faster.  Seems obvious, but adding in heavy weights will make you stronger, which in turn will make you faster, quicker, and could improve athletic performance.

You’ll burn more calories and lose fat.  Cardio workouts are great for burning calories, but there real benefit to a workout is what happens after the workout.  In a study of two different groups, the one that performed two sets of 8 of a heavy 70% lift burned more calories that the group that performed 2 sets of 15 reps at a lighter 35% load.  

Lifting heavy weights is protective to connective tissue and bones.  Loading the body with heavy weights results in stronger bones, collagen, tendons and ligaments.  Heavy lifting may make you sore, but the good news is once you’ve recovered you’ll be stronger all over.  This is the reason we try to keep our heavy days a few days apart.  Give the body time to repair itself so the results are stronger humans.

Click the link above and check out some other benefits to lifting heavy and DON’T SKIP THE HEAVY DAYS!


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