Tuesday 141216

As many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
3 Pull ups
3 Handstand push ups
6 Pull ups
6 Handstand push ups
9 Pull ups
9 Handstand push ups
12 Pull ups
12 Handstand push ups
Add 3 reps each round and continue until time expires

Post reps to BTWB

Unreal advice!

Unreal advice!

As we approach the end of the year it’s time to look at the Goals 2014 board and see what we still have left to accomplish.  Many of us have achieved some of or all the goals we have set for ourselves this year.  Some of us, Kaplan, put up goals that we already had just to show someone up, me, even thought he outweighs me by A LOT!   

With only a few weeks remaining in the year, now is the time to go ahead and attempt to attain those goals. How will you know if you don’t try right?  Heed the words of the great Michael Scott in the picture above.  We have plenty of open gym hours remaining in the year and enough to hopefully accommodate everyone’s schedule so they can come in and take a shot at achieving their goals for 2014.  

The accomplished board is filled up and we want to see if filled up even more.  

Start looking toward 2015 as well.  Maybe your goals are to lift a certain amount of weight or perform a high skill gymnastic movement.  Perhaps the goal is to run faster or even get down to a certain body fat %. Whatever goal or goals you choose for the following year, make sure they are realistic and measurable.  The board is a fun way for you to be held accountable.  Once you have your goals in mind, come up with a plan to help you achieve them.  Ask your trainers for help and advice, that’s one of the reasons we are here, to help you along in your fitness journey.  


  1. Kaplan :

    Clancy – First off, my goals were very well thought out. Challenging yet attainable.
    Second, are you sure you didn’t set your goals to be just 1 rep or 1 lb short of mine???
    Either way, I had no problem holding myself accountable on them knowing that I will get a continuous Boston earful if you get there and I don’t.
    And btw, me outweighing you by A LOT sounds like a 10 lbs excuse on why you might not achieve your goals this year. Last year you stayed out of prison…..Thought that goal was a reach! This year actually seemed more realistic. See you at the gym on 12/31.

  2. Clancy :

    HAHAHA..well played my man…well played. 12/31? I’m busy that day, but I’ll test all my goals and let you know honestly what I get.

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