50 Sit-ups

50 Double-unders

50 Sit-ups

50 Walking lunges

50 Sit-ups

50 Burpees

50 Sit-ups

Post time and thoughts to comments.

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James keeping his composure during "The Bear".

Ready for a little CrossFit community fun?  CrossFit 5280 is hosting the century WOD, on February 13th at 7pm.  Here is the locationUse the comments section for carpooling and please have a designated driver (Don't expect your CrossFit mom to let you get home without one).  What is the century WOD you ask?  It's a trip back to your college days, CrossFit style; one pull-up and 1 oz of beer on the first minute, one pull-up and 1 oz of beer on the second minute, etc… until you reach 100.  Good luck to all those competing, it's going to get ugly.  


  1. Tiff :

    in regards to the century workout….i’m so excited to go!!!! however, the more i think about the beer part, the more i want to DD. =) i just can’t hang. so, if there are people around my hood who want some rides….let me know! i’m around 11th and speer.

  2. Emily :

    Oh my God, does anyone else have a burn and blisters on their coccyx/ass from today’s situps? OUCH! Please no situps tomorrow…

  3. cherie :

    Tiffany 13:28 (knees)
    Cheresa 14:18
    Shelby 20:39 (singles x 5)
    Lisa 23:00 (knees)
    Jen 21:16 (knees)
    Chris 23:00 (knees, singles x 5)
    Mike C 21:22 (206 sit-ups 🙂
    Dan 13:44
    Sara 19:12 (singles)
    Tom M 12:48
    Erin 15:04
    Emily 20:01
    Mark 19:18
    Elizabeth 17:48 (knees)
    Alan 14:27
    Anna 14:56
    Melissa 19:36 (singles)
    Sarah 14:34 (singles)
    Flip 21:09 (you left your jacket)
    Dan E#2 11:38 pp75#/kb35#
    The Bear
    Sarah 65#
    Dan 135#

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