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Molly Reynolds is bringing her yoga expertise to Verve Starting this Sunday morning.

Molly Reynolds is bringing her yoga expertise to Verve Starting this Sunday morning.


You’ve been asking for it. . . and now it’s here. CrossFit Verve Yoga!!!

Verve is super excited to have two of it’s own members bring their yoga knowledge and experience to the gym. Starting this Sunday March 1st @ 8am Verve will begin hosting a yoga “WOD”.¬†These classes will be programmed and led by Molly Reynolds and Kacey Kingry. Both of these amazing woman have been leading yoga classes for quite some time and, beyond their experience, they also bring a lot of enthusiasm for health, fitness, physical well being, and mental well being. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet these ladies during a class, here’s your chance:

“Yoga sort of fell into my life. I wasn’t searching for it, but it came exactly when I needed it most. Collegiate and professional water polo had always been my thing, but when we relocated to Denver in summer of 2009, things changed. I stumbled into a yoga class downtown and it just clicked. The quiet and very personal practice of postures and poses started to heal me and I found delight and joy (not to mention increased flexibility) in a daily practice. I found training in early 2010 at CorePower Yoga and earned my 200hr certification in hot/hot power fusion yoga. Power Yoga and Yoga Sculpt certifications followed quickly and by 2011 I also gained a spin certification allowing me to teach a 30/30 format. By the time I entered Verve in the summer of 2012, life had thrown me some curveballs and I was seeking a loud place to lift and drop heavy things. I wanted outside of my quiet mind. But I have always maintained my yoga practice. Now yoga is recovery, flexibility, a safety in the heavier things I do in my life. I don’t need yoga to heal me as much as I just need it to hold me together. It has translated well into my Crossfit workouts and has kept me healthy and injury free.

I enjoy teaching others. Whether it’s on the bike or on the mat or in the gym, we all need a place where we can be quiet or loud. Go fast or slow down. One’s practice is what THEY want it to be. And usually, you find what you’re seeking if you’re just open enough to take a look.”

– Molly Reynolds

These classes will be listed on MBO just like every other class. We continue to ask all athletes to sign up for these classes in advance to reserve your spot. Participants will need to bring their own yoga mat as none will be provided. Get excited, it’s a great class led by some great ladies.¬†

******The 10am-11:30am Open Gym time is CANCELLED tomorrow. This is to accommodate 65 5th graders getting their first intro to CrossFit. We apologize for any inconvenience.


  1. Leslie :

    Yay for Yoga!!

  2. Ali :

    I was able to take Kacey’s “practice” class last Sunday and it was beyond amazing!! I am so excited to get this part of my weekly routine! I encourage everyone to try it!

    Can’t wait for frog pose again…Not! haha JK

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