Tuesday 150324

30 Minute AMRAP:
Row 25 minutes for Max Distance
Then, 5 minute AMRAP back squat for max weight

*At the end of the 25 Min, athletes will load the bar with any weight they choose. Once the clips are on, the weight cannot be changed.
*Score = Meters rowed + (back squat weight x reps)
Post to BTWB.

*NOTE for today’s workout: PLEASE sign up for class. If you are not signed up you may not get a rower. You may be substituted with the air assault bike or running. 

People helping people...it's powerful stuff!

People helping people…it’s powerful stuff!


When we are trying to learn something new, whether it’s a new language, how to play the guitar or even trying to perfect a new movement in CrossFit, it helps to understand how our brain learns.  We all learn differently of course, but some traits are pretty common.  An interesting read can be found HERE with some tips and exercises to try.  Here’s a brief synopsis.

We take information better when it’s visual.  Our brains use 50 percent of it’s resource on vision.  50 %! That means all other functions have only 50% of what’s left for all tasks.  One interesting finding from several studies is that we treat text as images.  This means that reading is inefficient in terms of processing information as compared to absorbing information by looking at a picture.  

Sleep affects learning and memory.  This is kind of one of those duh statements, but here’s a little more color.  In a study where participants learned a new motor skill and were tested at how well they remembered what they learned, participants that had a night of sleep tested almost 17 % higher than people who were simply tested in 4 hour intervals after the new motor skill was learned.

Learn best by teaching others.  As a coach, I know this works well.  When I teach movement or use cue to help correct faults, seeing it put into play by our members helps me become a better mover.  Seeing how my words or cues for corrections are interpreted allows me a chance to learn better ways to learn how to correct movement.  

The article has a few more tips on how to best learn including action plans that you try to see if the recommended tips are ways to help you improve learning.  Click HERE for the full article and links to studies referenced in the article.   

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