Tuesday 150421

4 Rounds
20 Front Squats 135(95#)
20 Box jump overs 24″(20″)

Post time to BTWB.

Chance for a second day?  You betcha!

Chance for a second day? You betcha!


As mentioned in yesterdays blog, here is some additional information regarding the new strength, Olympic, or barbell class that will begin on May 5th.  Frankly we haven’t decided on a name so I figured I’d use the three names mentioned as a way to describe the class until a name is decided upon.

We will be performing the following lifts; Monday: power position snatch, low hang snatch, snatch, overhead squat and back squat, Tuesday: power position clean and jerk, low hang clean and jerk, clean and jerk, romanian deadlift, backsquat, Thursday: power position snatch, mid hang snatch, power snatch, snatch grip lift off, drop snatch. Friday: power position clean and jerk, low hang clean and jerk, power clean and jerk, clean pull, split position press, and front squat.

There will be small sets and the percentages will be low to medium in weight to begin, moving up each week.  Ideally this program requires the participants to test their snatch and clean and jerk one rep on Saturdays. If you can make it in to Open Gym on Saturday that would be an ideal end to the weeks worth of training.

Here are the lifts you should know your one rep max for: Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Power Snatch, Power Clean, Overhead Squat, Back Squat, and Front Squat.

Percentages will be discussed during the first day of class and although you don’t have to make every class, being there on day 1 will be pretty important.  We will cap the class at around 12 people and you’ll probably be working in pairs to make sure rest is being taken.  Please email me, eric@crossfitverve.com, if you have any questions.  Again as stated in yesterdays blog, we will try to offer a morning class for this, but that will be based on trainer availability.  

*A note about Sundays.  We have removed the 11 am class.  Attendance was far too low for both the 10 am and 11 am class, averaging around 5 – 7 people each class.  This past Sunday we had only 15 in the 10 am class.  If attendance starts to climb for the 10 am class we will consider adding a 11 am class back in, but for now 10 am is your last class on Sunday.


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