Tuesday 150519

4 Rounds with a 4 minute running clock:
Row 500m(400m)
With remaining time, as many kettlebell swings as possible, 32kg(24kg)
Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Post reps to BTWB

team verve

Team Verve. Trey saw a butterfly right as the photo was taken.

Every now and again we all experience little bumps and tweaks.  Given the type of movements and exercises we put our bodies through, it’s only natural that sometimes our joints are going to feel sore.  The good news is that remaining active is one of the best things we can do to promote healthy joints especially the knees.  

Multiple muscles overlap the knee joint, including the calf, thigh, hamstrings, and quads.  Given that all those muscles overlap at the knee, taking care of the muscles will also promote healthy knees.  If you are experiencing tweaked knees consider adding these mobility exercises into your routine.  

Wall Calf Stretch: heel on the ground and toes up high on the wall.  Keeping your leg as straight as possible, lean toward the front leg and hold at the deepest point of the stretch for 5 seconds, during the relaxing period try moving closer to the wall.

Calf Smash With Lacrosse Ball: Instead of simply placing a lacrosse ball under your leg that is lying flat on the ground, bend your knee and place the lacrosse ball between your calf and hamstring.  Pull your shin in and rotate your foot in different directions to create space in the knee joint. 

Quad Foam Roller Stretch:  Pretty straight forward and done quite often in our classes.  It’s good to know that the quad roll out also benefits other parts of the body than simply just making our quads more supple.  

Wall Hamstring Stretch: Lying face up, prop one leg flat against a wall with your foot flexed, you can also use a band if you don’t feel like propping up against a wall or don’t have a good space that works.  Contract and relax in alternating 5 seconds periods.  We should feel this all down the leg beginning in the knee and working towards the glutes.  The hamstring can cause and alleviate knee pain more than we think so make sure to try stretching them if your knee is feeling less than perfect.  

Make sure to take care of all the leg muscles if you are having knee pain.  The knee is intersection for a lot of leg muscles so give them all some attention and see which works best for you. 

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