Wednesday 150610

5 Rounds for time:
10 Hang power clean 135#(95#)
7 Muscle ups

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Friends of CrossFit Verve are hosting the first annual O2X Summit Challenge at Winter Park on August 15th.  You may have seen the big poster on the office door or the flyers around the gym and wondered what it was promoting, well here’s a little information for you.

From BaseCamp in front of Winter Park Base Lodge, runners will begin their journey of climbing, running and crawling through winding switchbacks both on trail and off trail. After covering over 6 miles of technical scrambles, streams, rivers, ravines, rock outcroppings and brutally rugged natural terrain, racers will cross the finish line at the peak of Mary Jane where they will be greeted with a breathtaking view of the Rockies and a feeling of extreme accomplishment. After the scenic ride back down to BaseCamp, enjoy an ice-cold beer, on us. For those not running but interested in spending an epic day in the mountains, cheer along your fellow racers and join us at O2X Basecamp – an environmental Festival with live music, local food and beverage vendors, spectator activities and experiential learning focused on increasing Human Performance.

The organizers behind the race have hooked CrossFit Verve up with some discount codes for the race and we are going to share them with all of our athletes.  Our goal is to spread the word to not only our members but their friends outside the Verve walls.  We want to get as many people to participate as possible.  We are always talking about taking our fitness outside of the walls of Verve so here’s a perfect opportunity to do so.

We are considering making it some sort of competition between the trainers and members.  All participants will be timed so we are considering taking the average time of the athletes versus the average time of the trainers.  We could bet money, but let’s be honest, that’s too easy.  We are fielding ideas for possible wagers so if you have ideas, let’s hear them.  If you are interested in the race, we will have a signup sheet out front in the next few days.  Once you sign up on the sheet we will email you the codes for your discounted race admission.

Please feel free to spread this to all of your friends that don’t go to Verve but would be a good fit and enjoy spending a day outside at Winter Park getting a little workout on and then having a few social beverages with some good people. 

Email if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you all at Winter Park on August 15th!


  1. Charles :

    This looks interesting and “fun” – i think the average time of trainer vs athlete has some inherent flaws though. The performance of the trainers has much less variance than that of the athlete population at Verve. So, the avg time could be a very competitive metric depending upon who signs up or it could be a walk-over by the trainers, again, depending on who signs up as athletes. Maybe some sort of ad-hoc made up handicap system?

  2. Joey :


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