Tuesday 150616

For time:
5 Rounds
15 Deadlift 115#(75#)
12 Hang power clean 115#(75#)
9 Front squat 115#(75#)
6 Push jerk 115#(75#)

Post time to BTWB

Great turnout for yesterdays heavy day.  Weighted push ups are harder than they seem.

Great turnout for yesterdays heavy day. Weighted push ups are harder than they seem.

If you noticed, we threw a lot of information about upcoming events on last weeks blogs.  Here is a quick recap of those events in case you missed any of the pertinent information.  

O2X Summit Race is August 15th at Winter Park.  6 mile race up the mountain, no man made obstacles only what’s already there.  Sign up sheet is available at the front of the gym.  I’ll begin emailing discount codes this week so you can purchase your tickets.  Remembers this is open to anyone and everyone so tell your friends.  Discounts available for them as well!

Front Range CrossFit Do More Charity Challenge.  October 3-4th.  Teams of 6 compete.  This competition is for anyone.  Whether you CrossFit or not, there is a place for you on a team.  Verve will donate money for teams to compete.  If you’re interested in competing, don’t worry if you don’t have a team, email courtney@crossfitverve.com.

The 5 PM Specialty Hour.  This week is the final week of the Olympic Cycle.  There is no class tonight or Friday.  We will use the class on Thursday to test a 1 rep max clean and jerk.  Next week there will be no specialty classes at 5 PM. The following week, we begin a new/old Hot Dogs and Cupcakes.  Classes will be Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Prepare to get your lift on.  This 6 week phase is designed to build strength.  Might be a good idea to cut the met cons to around 2 per week if you intend to follow this program closely.  A lot of send offs and high reps at pretty damn high percentages.  I speak from experience, this is not easy.  I’ll post more next week about what you’ll need to know as far as 1 rep maxes.  Get ready to get swole.  

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