Tuesday 150721

2 Rounds for time:
Row 20 calories
20 Strict pull ups
Row 20 calories
20 Strict ring dips

Post time to BTWB

Danielle's split squats are a little different than most people.

Danielle’s split squats are a little different than most people.


If you don’t follow Rob MacDonald on Instagram (@bobbymaximus) you need to.  The man is capable of some pretty amazing things.

Recently Rob wrote an article to Mens Health Magazine titled; 3 Ways to Build Extreme Mental Toughness. It’s a great read and his instagram page is well worth your follow.  Below are the bold points of the article but the entire article is well worth the read.

In order for your body to be strong, your mind must be strong.  Building mental toughness isn’t an easy task to accomplish.  How do you convince yourself to push hard when you’re dog tired in the middle of workout?  What if there are a few hundred meters left on a row workout, can you close your eyes and just go to the dark place until the last meter has been rowed?  Here’s Rob’s recommendations on how to build mental toughness.

Go Green.

Self doubt and negative talk can stop you in the middle of a workout.  Instead of negative talk replace them with positive thoughts.  Rob refers to this as green light thoughts.  Repeat how fun a workout is going to be or how well you’re going to do on the workout, before you hear 3,2,1…go.  This will help you stay positive during the workout.

Visualize the Win.

Here’s how Rob puts it: Each day, take five minutes and breathe deeply. Visualize every aspect of your challenge. Picture yourself in the moment, pushing through the exhaustion, finding the strength to finish. Think about how your body and lungs will feel, how your breathing and heart will feel. Think about the emotions you’ll go through, and overcoming doubts. Think about winning. The more detailed your imagery, the stronger your response will be.  You know that feeling after you finish a workout when you’re on the floor and super exhausted, but feel fantastic?  That is the visualization you need to have in your head before the workout begins.  We all get butterflies before a workout, try picturing how you’re going to feel once you’ve completed the workout knowing you gave it everything you were capable.

Blast Your Tunes.

I know not everyone likes the same type of music but I think we can all agree that working out to music beats silence. Music makes even the hardest workout a little better.

Remember what we do at Verve is fun.  Yes we are getting fitter and healthier, but it’s really all about having fun and cheering on our fellow members.  A positive mind makes those things a lot easier.  Click the title above to read the full article on the Men’s Health website.


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