Tuesday 150804

5 Rounds for time:
400 Meter run
30 Meter farmer carry

Post time and weight to BTWB

Beast Mode!  That is all.

Beast Mode! That is all.

Below are some points from an article featured in Box Life Magazine.  They are just some of the bold points from the article.  Click the title below to read the entire article on Box Life Magazine’s website.

5 Training Traps You Need to Avoid by Box Life Magazine

Jumping from program to program

Legendary powerlifter Ed Coan once said that his ‘program’ was called ‘getting stronger’, and that was the only program he ever followed. If the programming you’re following is getting you positive results, why change things? Keep doing what you’re doing! Of course, many CrossFitters will stick to the programming on offer at their box, and trust in its variance and effectiveness to help them reach their goals. However, many athletes take advantage of open gym hours and choose to follow different programs that are easily accessible online.  

Setting yourself bad goals

Each year we erase the Goals board and tell you all to put something on the board that is realistic, attainable, timely, measurable, and specific.  Setting unrealistic goals can do you a disservice as it could zap your will to train if you’re not seeing yourself progress toward the goal at hand.  Set goals that lead to a more effective and enjoyable game plan that allow you to make the right jumps towards the over-arching objective or goal.

Ignoring a gaping hole in your fitness

We all do this.  We skip working on the things that we aren’t good at because let’s face it, it’s not fun to fail over and over.  If we don’t have double unders, but the only time we work on them is during a day in which double unders are a movement, then we’re not giving the weakness enough attention.  Sometimes it gets frustrating to continually work on something and not see improvement, but eventually the hard work will pay off and a movement will just click.  

Trying to mimic elite athletes online

The volume most elite athletes in CrossFit perform isn’t necessary for most people that use CrossFit as the fitness methodology to stay in shape and live a healthier life.  Chris Spealler says it all the time in Level 1 seminars, the CrossFit Games is not the essence of CrossFit, what we do inside Verve on a day to day basis in our WOD’s is what CrossFit is all about.  Making us more fit so we can live more enjoyable lives outside of the gym.  

Ignoring the intangibles (rest, diet, mobility and active recovery)

When new members start at Verve they always ask, how often should they come to classes.  We typically recommend the CrossFit main site application of 3 days on 1 day off.  As the members progress on their CrossFit journey, they typically end up coming more often.  It’s only natural when something you do is enjoyable that you want to do it more often.  This means that days off are fewer which means less time time we give our bodies to recover.  Rest days are important and should be a part of everyone’s training. Diet is another intangible that we harp on all time.  There are many different diets to follow, but remember diet is the bottom of the pyramid on which all other aspects of fitness and health are built on. Dial the diet in and everything else will see improvement as well.  

Click the title above to read the entire article the above was referenced from.  



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