Tuesday 150929

8 Rounds, max effort per round:
250 Meter row
Rest 2 minutes

*Record only fastest time and slowest time

Post times to BTWB

The calm before the mashed potatoes.

The calm before the mashed potatoes.


What’s the deal with Skilz? 

You may have noticed that the Skilz class at 6 pm has had a different look when it comes to programming over the past couple of weeks.  

We have been focused more on skill development work lately.  What a concept given the name of the class, don’t you think?  Every week we have been using the first 10 minutes of class, after the warm up, to focus on a particular movement.  The past few weeks we’ve been developing handstand skill work as well as pull ups.  This week will be devoted to pull ups so if you are looking for additional practice with your pull ups or to building your pulling power to help get pull ups, perhaps the Skilz class is a good option.

Barbell movements and getting more comfortable with certain lifts has also been a focus.  Spending most of the class on building positions in certain barbell movements and then adding in some accessory work after.  

There are still met con workouts programmed on most days, but the focus lately has been to allow more time on certain movements and high skill gymnastics so athletes that want more exposure to certain lifts or gymnastic movements have an outlet for this.  

Here is what we have planned for the next couple weeks.  This week the skill work will be pull up focused. Developing strength and working on positioning for the strict and kipping pull up.  Next week we will be working on getting inverted and developing the handstand, handstand walk, and handstand push up.  If you could use some extra work with those particular movements, Skilz class is at 6 pm Monday – Thursday.  


  1. Jay :

    It comes with gravy at the end of it!

  2. Pottsie :

    There are so many things I’d like to say in response. *ahem*

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