Tuesday 151006

6 Rounds for reps
With a 2 minute clock
Row 250(200) meters
then as many burpees over the rower
as possible with the time remaining.
rest 2 minutes between rounds
*score is best round of burpees and lowest round of burpees

Post reps to BTWB

Pete checking out the clues to chalky hands mystery.

Pete checking out the clues to chalky hands mystery.

Starting next week the 6 pm Skilz class will have a different look than normal on Tuesday nights.  Dan Pope, our resident Tuesday night specialty class instructor, has developed a gymnastic skills plan that we are going to implement on Tuesday nights during the Skilz hour.  

The programming is going to be  focused on gymnastic movements and specifically strict gymnastic movements.  There is 4 month plan with this programming designed to get our athletes better at gymnastic movements that we see quite often in workouts and for those of you planning on competing in the CrossFit Open this year, the movements you are likely to see with the workouts announced during the Open.  

The Tuesday night class will feature a 10 – 15 minute warm up designed specifically for the movements you will see over the remaining 45 minutes of class.  If you could use help with any of the following movements or just want to get better with the movements consider this your opportunity.

  • Handstands (wall facing and weight shifting)
  • Chest to ring pull ups 
  • Strict toes to bar
  • Ring row
  • P-Bar dips

The above movements will be the focus of the first month or so of Tuesday night programming.  After the basic foundations have been set with strict movements we will then begin to program in some more dynamic movements including kipping pull ups, kipping toes to bar, and kipping muscle ups.  

These classes are for people with all skill levels as any of the programming can be modified to be both challenging and beneficial to everyone.  We will cap the class to 12 people each Tuesday so please sign up and make sure you’re accepted to class if you’re wait listed.   




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