Tuesday 151020

4 Rounds for time:
Run 400 Meters
50 Air Squats

Post time to BTWB

The girls getting after the new cycle of Hot Dogs and Cupcakes.

The girls getting after the new cycle of Hot Dogs and Cupcakes.

Tonight starts the gymnastic skill training in Skilz with Dan Pope.  Over the next 4 months or so, Tuesdays will be dedicated to making all of us better at gymnastic movement, both easy and complex.  The class is for everyone, but we are going to limit it to no more than 12 people.  If you sign up and don’t a spot, please don’t just come, wait to be added via the wait list.  A few people have already taken the initiative and signed up so if you’re interested make sure you sign up.

The Tuesday night class will feature a 10 – 15 minute warm up designed specifically for the movements you will see over the remaining 45 minutes of class. If you could use help with any of the following movements or just want to get better with the movements consider this your opportunity.

  • Handstands (wall facing and weight shifting)
  • Chest to ring pull ups
  • Strict toes to bar
  • Ring rows
  • P-bar dips

The above movements will be the focus of the first month or so of Tuesday night programming. After the basic foundations have been set with strict movements we will then begin to program in some more dynamic movements including kipping pull ups, kipping toes to bar, and kipping muscle ups.

The new Hot Dogs and Cupcakes program started last night.  The cycle will run for 4 or 5 weeks and then we will look at the program and decide what direction to take the 5:00 pm specialty hour.

Competitors programming will most likely be starting next Monday.  If you haven’t submitted your letter of interest to Eric and Courtney, please review the blog from last week and follow the instructions for participation. There is no cost to you.  The gym will be picking up the costs associated with the programming and workshops.  

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