Tuesday 151124

Run 400 Meters
21 Thrusters 75#(55#)
Run 400 Meters
15 Thrusters75#(55#)
Run 400 Meters
9 Thrusters 75#(55#)

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Leslie getting her ring row on. Does she owe me burpees this week though?

Leslie getting her ring row on. Does she owe me burpees this week though?

Schedule Update:  Starting tonight and running until we decide what will replace Hot Dogs and Cupcakes at the 5 PM hour, Skillz Class will have two offerings on Tuesday night only,  5 PM and 6 PM.  This will ONLY be on Tuesday night and will feature Dan’s gymnastics programming.  We’ve had a great turnout for his Tuesday class so hopefully offering 2 classes will result in less people in each class so Dan can have more time to work with you all more closely.  Please sign up for the class that fits your schedule best and please come to the class you sign up for!

With the new year fast approaching and many of us going to be making some changes in our lives, whether, professional, life, or gym related I figured a little inspiration wouldn’t hurt as we move towards making these changes.  From ZenHabits.net, “Change Your Story to Change Your Life” by LEO BABAUTA

Whenever we undertake a new change in our lives — whether it’s starting a new job or business, or changing a new habit — we tell ourselves a story about it.

We’re the hero of our story. Unfortunately, it’s not usually a very good story — it involves the hero not believing he or she can do it, wanting to give up and give in to the easy route.

Imagine if the great stories of all time went along the lines of our stories:

Harry Potter doesn’t fight Voldemort because it’s too hard and anyway, he just wants to play games and go on Reddit.
Odysseus decides not to make the journey home because he knows himself — he’s just going to give up, and anyway, isn’t the siren’s call of Facebook/Instagram too strong?
Don Quixote never ventures out for adventure on his brave steed Rocinante, because he doesn’t think he can do it, and instead stays home with his books of romance.
Frodo heads back to the Shire, because he believes he doesn’t have enough discipline to stick with something very long.
These would be horrible stories, wouldn’t they? Who would root for these dudes?

The story we tell ourselves goes along these lines. They’re different for each of us, but if we’re not succeeding at something, it’s quite probably because we are telling ourselves the wrong story.

So what can we do if our story is working against us?

Change the damn story. Create a song to sing about yourself as the epic hero of your dreams. Sing this song daily, and be proud of it. Go after the dream, fight the forces of distraction and dullness and self-doubt, rise up to be your best self. You are the writer of your story, the composer of your song, and every moment is a chance to rewrite it, a new draft ready to be crafted into something better.

The above is taken from a larger story that is worth the read.  Click the title and check out some of his other great writings while you’re on the site.  

Remember we have an abridged schedule this week and only a few classes on Thanksgiving.  

Body fat testing coming to Verve.  Click here to sign up for a time. Click here to see what the testing process looks like.

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