Tuesday 151215

“The Ghost”
6 Rounds for reps:
1 Minute max calorie row
1 Minute max burpees
1 Minute max double unders
1 Minute rest

Compare to 141022

Post reps to BTWB

Today’s workout is inspired by a professional boxer by the name of Robert Guerrero. ¬†Below is a video of the namesake performing what you’re in store for today as well as some insight into the workout and a few things to not do during the workout. ¬†Enjoy!


  1. James (OG) :

    I’d be offended by castro’s admonition that we not game the workout, but I suck so badly at DUs that Im incapable of gaming it anyway.

  2. Pottsie :

    I just don’t even bother with DUs at this point. #badknees

    Also, James should message The Ghost and teach him how to row properly. #justsayin

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