Three rounds, 21 – 15 – 9 reps for time of:

Squat clean and thrusters, 95# (65#)


Post time to comments.


Doug and Nicole tabata rowing yesterday.

What's interesting about squat clean and thrusters is that they are just another way of lifting weight off the ground and putting above your head.  It's faster than a clean and jerk, but not as fast as a snatch.  Just another tool for the shed in case you run into a WOD where you can thruster the weight, which calls for a clean and jerk.  This was employed by all of the stronger athletes at the 2008 CF Games.  I was unfamiliar with the squat clean and thrusters with 155#, so I stuck with the clean and jerks.  Needless to say, I could have gone faster.  Enjoy the WOD!


  1. Emmalee is famous!!!

  2. Joylyn :

    Yippee Emmalee! First the Denver Post, now Crossfit affiliate blog–what’s next?! Love that warpaint–go Verve!

  3. Ben :

    Ice cream? WOD: 13:18

  4. Emmalee :

    What? Who can eat icecream with the games in the future!!!!!!! I just saw the picture it’s exciting, my grip is super narrow though ( I am working on it)

  5. Tiffany :

    yay Emmalee! way to be badass and represent verve!! sa-weet!
    cherie, i have to tell you, i am eating that green been/garlic salt/olive oil delicacy you recommended the other night…and damn! best “french fries” i’ve ever had….yummy yummy for my tummy =)
    fun workout today… see y’all in a couple days…

  6. I’d bring ice cream, but you’re zoning. How about turkey jerky and apple and 6 almonds?
    Emmalee, I’m pretty sure that was a typo and you’re doing a C&J.

  7. Emmalee :

    L holds , x3: 14 , 12, 15
    Chin to bar holds x3: 18, 22,17
    Hand stand push ups max reps: 8 , and 13.
    I love turkey jerky!!!!!

  8. Cherie :

    Cheresa 13:36
    Joylyn 13:18
    Alan 13:31
    Anna 14:16
    Mark 16:10 (85#)
    Doug 16:32
    Chelsea 16:53
    Jake 18:45 (75#)
    Amy 21:55
    Elizabeth 15:26
    Tiffany (sorry tiff we didn’t write it down)
    Lil 16:02 (35#)
    Tom 9:45
    Flip 15:34 (75#)
    Gerson 14:33
    Luke 9:57
    Shelby 13:54 (45#)
    Hillary 11:07 (55#)
    Stef 12:08 (45#)
    Mas 10:49

  9. Tiffany :

    it was either 7:35 or 7:53 with 20# squat cleans and 25# push press (dumbbells, 5# for L and 20# for R) and mod burpees

  10. stef :

    Crap… and here I was trying to beat Matt’s time (insert MAJOR sarcasm). Yesterday was sick. I love when I’m sore. CF trainers, you all rock!

  11. James :

    I’ve accepted that I’m never going to beat Matt’s times and am just trying not to be Dead F’ing Last. 16:21, sub 47.5 dbs and 2″ vertical on the burpees. . . .

  12. cherie :

    Now you both have glimpse of my life. I spent years trying to beat Matt and now I’m just trying not to be Dead.

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