Tuesday 160105

3 rounds
8 Power Snatch @ 60% of 1 rep max power snatch
2 Min max row for calories
Rest 1 minute
Rest 3 minutes after 3 round
3 rounds
8 Deadlifts @ 40% of 1 RM
90 Seconds of max double unders
Rest 1 minute
Rest 3 minutes after 3 round
Strict pull up ladder 1-5 and back down rest 10 seconds for every rep so after 5 reps you get 50 seconds of rest

Post calories and double under total to BTWB

RPE chart

I guess most of you can tell that I’ve been trying some new things with the programming.  Last week we did a VO2 workout on the rower and we started the first week of our volume training.  Based on feedback, most of you did the volume training correctly.  Well continuing with the trend of trying some new things, I present to you the above.  This type of workout is known as Interval Weight Training and the idea is very simple, go as hard as you can once you get to the rower and jump rope.  IWT was developed by Pat O’Shea in the late 60’s early 70’s and was years ahead of it’s time.  

The weight lifting portion is simply a buy in that isn’t meant to be super hard, but should just elevate your heart rate enough.The real meat of the workout is to be done on the rower and with the jump rope.  We’ve given you a percentage as a recommendation for the power snatch and deadlift, but the lighter you go the better.  All reps should be done unbroken and with perfect form.  If you have to break up any of the rounds, you went to heavy.  If you’re form starts to break down you went too heavy.  Pick a weight that you could potentially do a few more reps with but don’t have to.  

Using the chart above you should be somewhere in the 6-8 range of RPE with the weight and intensity for the weightlifting portion of the workout.  If you feel like you’re creeping into the 9+ you’re going to lack the intensity when you get to the rowing or jump rope.  

Constantly varied is one of the goals we strive for with our programming so hopefully you’re enjoying some of these new twists we’ve been throwing at you and more importantly hopefully they will make you fitter than ever.  


  1. Kacey :

    This WOD makes my brain hurt.

  2. Pottsie :

    My head just exploded.

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