Tuesday 160119

Every 2 minutes on the 2 minutes for 10 rounds:
15(12) Calorie row
10 Box jumps, 24″(20″)

Score is the slowest round of the 10.

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Just some highly intellectual conversation between good friends

Just some highly intellectual conversation between good friends

We have a Free Into Class this coming Saturday at 8 am.  Grab a friend and come show them what CrossFit Verve is all about.

Yes, today’s blog looks very similar to last weeks, but that’s the point.  Rowing starts this week so for all of you that don’t like the erg or consider yourself not that great at rowing, this is your chance to get better.

What’s up with rowing?!

I know, the month of December was cold enough without the wasteland that is no rowing class left in your eager, CrossFitting soul. Do not fear. Rowing is back like jumping into a hot tub in the winter: a little shocking and not not uncomfortable at first, but then once you’re body has realized hot tubbing in the winter was your best idea in this life yet, simply glorious.

Not only is rowing back, rowing is back with another progression. Thus, all you – I’ll wait till the next cycle to become a rowing ninja – humans: the time is now. The idea for this cycle is borrowed from our one and only, Paul Buono. I’m paraphrasing, and we’re shifting things around just slightly, but essentially what we have in store for you will be, super gross yet equally effective. It’s that good.

The Progression:

Week 1: 6x500m with 3 / 3:30 min rest. Week 2: 8x500m with 3 / 3:30 rest. Week 3: 10x500m with 3 / 3:30 rest. Week 4: back to week 1 but 2 sec faster…

What we’re testing (and re-testing): 1k for time AND 15 min time trial for meters.

Why are we testing two different things? We are going to use the 1k to establish a pace. That way you have a unique and perfectly suited to you pace for the whole progression – a custom Armani suit of paces here folks. The 1k also looks to your anaerobic realm AND on an erg, your ability to connect like a champion.

By also using the 15 min piece we’re going to see this progression sneaking into your aerobic capacity. I also have big and extremely fun plans for the retest of this piece. Oh, you want to be a part of this party. 

15 Min test: 1/21 @ 5:30AM or 6:30PM Rowing Class
1k test: 1/28 @ 5:30AM or 6:30PM Rowing Class
Week 1 of Progression: 2/4 @ 5:30AM or 6:30PM Rowing Class

*If you’re going to miss any of the tests just rock that business during OG or at home.

If you have any questions feel free to email Maddie:  maddie@crossfitverve.com

See you in rowing!

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