Tuesday 160126

5 Rounds:
500 Meter row, @ 75%
Rest 1 minute
100 Meter sprint
Rest 1 minute

Score is slowest 100 meter sprint

Post time to BTWB

mhs sprints

On Saturday February 6th, CrossFit Verve is hosting a rowing competition.  The competition will run from 8 am until around 2 PM.  We will not be offering our normal classes due to the event, but we will have classes after the event ends.  The times for the classes will be after the competition but we aren’t exactly sure what times those will be.  We will probably have 2 classes at around 4 PM and 5 PM but stay tuned for more details as the event gets closer.  Our schedule for the Friday before may change as well due to the set up for the competition but we’ll give you plenty of notice.  

Rowers for Sale

We have decided that we’d like to replace some of our current rowers with new rowers that will be made available to us by the folks hosting the competition.  We will sell 5 – 10 of our current rowers so if you’re interested in one keep reading.

We are going to be offering them to Verve Members first.  Here’s how it will work.  We are going to do a silent auction for the rowers we sell.  We are going to set a minimum bid price of $375 per rower.  If you’re interested in buying one, here’s what you’ll do.  Email eric@crossfitverve.com with your bid price.  I’ll track all the bids and notify the winning bidders.  You will have to pay by check or cash.  We won’t be able to charge your accounts or accept credit cards.  The bidding will be open until Monday February 1st at 6:00 PM.  I’ll notify the winning bidders that night and you’ll have to pay and pick up your rowers by February 4th.  All rowers that are sold will be checked and serviced before we hand them off to you.  

If there are numerous bids at the same price point, I’ll notify the bidders so they have the option to submit another bid.  

After all Verve members have had a chance to bid, I’ll then open the rowers up for sale to non members via other channels.  

In summary:

5 – 10 rowers for sales

Minimum bid price: $375

Deadline for bid: February 1st at 6:00 PM

Must be picked up and paid for by the close of Verve on February 4th 


  1. Charles :

    I first read this as a 1000 “sprint” after each 500 and i was like ‘hell nope’. But, 100, ok, i can do that.

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