Tuesday 160202

5 Rounds:
2 Minute max calorie row
1 Minute max rep wallball, 20#(14#)
Rest 1 minute

*Score is round with lowest total reps of calories plus wallballs.

Paul working on some new stand up material.

Paul working on some new stand up material.

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As you’re all probably aware now the 2016 CrossFit Open begins at the end of this month.  Read last Friday’s blog for a great write up and video on the Open and why you should participate.

This will be the last week of the volume training and starting next Monday, CrossFit Verve will be following the programming of CrossFit.com.  

We’ve done this in years past and the idea is that we don’t want to program something that might be programmed for the Open workouts.  Imagine having to do Fran or a Fran esque workout two days in a row.  

If you’re unfamiliar with how the mainsite programs, visit CrossFit.com and scroll through some of the workouts that have been programmed lately.  You’ll see a lot of similarities to the way we program.  The one difference with the mainsite is that they have rest days programmed in every forth day.  We will be programming the workouts for Verve on days that the mainsite features a rest day.  The Tuesdays VO2 workouts have had great attendance so I’m guessing you all really enjoy those type of grueling workouts so we’ll be sure to continue to have similar workouts.  Might not be on Tuesdays, but we’ll be sure to fit them in when we can.

Friday will be the day we perform the Open workouts at Verve.  The workouts are announced on Thursday nights staring on February 25th and continuing for 5 weeks.  Verve will have them streaming at the gym so please come in and watch with your fellow Verve members.  Still on the fence about signing up?  Stay tuned to the Friday blogs for more information and reasons why you SHOULD sign up.  

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