Tuesday 160209

In 20 minutes row as many meters as possible
Every 2 minutes get off the rower and perform
10 Burpees

Score is total meters rowed

Post meters to BTWB

It's starting to look like a gym!

It’s starting to look like a gym!

I guess it’s time for another update on our new space.  As you can see from the picture above, they have started laying the flooring down.  This is a big step as we will begin to move equipment over in the next week or so.  Following mainsite and trying to move equipment at the same time is going to be challenging but we feel as long as we plan accordingly we should be able to pull it off without having to affect the normal Verve hours.  

The bathrooms are also moving right along.  After a delay with the permits, we finally have them and the bathrooms are finally starting to look like bathrooms.  The showers are in place and the walls have been painted.  The rest of the projects in the bathroom should be finished in the next week.

We have a couple other rooms that we are working on as well including the new retail room.  Nothing too fancy here, just simply trying to keep the gym space the gym space so all retail will be in a room off the gym floor.  

We are excited for you all to see what the new space looks like so stay tuned for more information and updates.  


  1. Edie :

    Today’s WOD was enjoyed in my basement thanks to my 5.6mil meter rower. 2994 meters with 14:13 in the seat. That was a sweaty one.

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